I have always been curious about such products. Pills and cure alls that promise fantastical attributes with just one dose. Therefore, when I got the chance to try one such product, I jumped at the opportunity to debunk it. I went in with disbelief and suspicion, and came out wrong. This stuff works.

The Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom Essence pills come in a blister pack of 10. This is right number for a first timer to be able to really see and reflect on its benefits.

The pill promises you more energy, and a more relaxed and stress-free outlook, with the focus on the task at hand. It isn’t instant relief, you don’t just take one and feel the effects above. It is a slow discovery and incline. On the first day, you notice how relaxed you feel, a mild sensation that you might not be able to identify in the moment, but come day two and three, it is there. Then four and five will have you comparing it to a time before your ever touched the stuff, the difference is notable.

You feel like you are in a constant state of calm during your day to day work routine. It keeps you focused and working with a steady, low flow of consistent energy. There is no up or down, no crash afterwards, not until you stop taking them. And when you are off of work, the relaxing and calm you get from the Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom Essence pill is like reading a book for an escape: peaceful.

The downside: the cost. At $21.99 for a pack of 10 pills, this might not be within most of our budgets, to sustain a daily dose of. But for those who just need the extra oomph now and again, keep a box at the ready and pop a pill as necessary. Plus, I would suspect that daily use would decrease the effects eventually, due to familiarity. Not to mention it is rough coming off of. You feel the difference without it, in your energy especially. In lesser words, I suspect you are microdosing on mushrooms, in a healthy and regulated setting. So having tasted the good stuff and experiencing the good life, it is now uncomfortable without it.

In short, Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom Essence is a standout product, and the price tag justifies this premium product.