We were spending the weekend in Oliver, enjoying the guest suite at “Tinhorn Creek Vineyards”. So after our first night, we decided to take advantage of the proximity of our suite to “Miradoro” with a 2 minute walk. I do advise making a reservation to get the table you want; one over looking the valley or with Osoyoos Lake in the far distance. We were luckily enough to walk in early and grab one such table. Truly the patio is the place to be, to take in a view only available in the Okanagan. However, if you don’t get a table there, the dining room is still a classy setting to enjoy a delicious meal and some of their wines to pair at.

On the patio, the mild breeze and the gentle murmur of the other seated tables paint the scene to a relaxing meal. And the techno dance music playing overhead got everyone awake this morning, but its base and erratic beats didn’t add anything to the tranquil setting that rolled out before us. Here, I will recommend visiting earlier in the day to take in this view. After the sun sets and the valley gets dark, there really aren’t enough lights to light up the city before you.

This was breakfast for us so my partner had a Mimosa.

I opted for the “Tinhorn creek wine” flight to be able to get a more comprehensive taste of the winery. 3 3oz pours. You either pay $2 less for an all white flight, or $20 for an all red flight. I spent the $20 but got a taste of a white, rose, and red in my trio. And naturally I went for the priciest tastes as told by the menu price per glass. They each came in the appropriate glass and looked to be more than the promised 3oz. I wasn’t complaining. Oldfield Reserve Chardonnay, Oldfield Reserve Rose, and “The Creek”. Each easy to drink and great with our meal below.

To start with we were served a complimentary plate of sesame seed crusted focaccia, and a dish of olive oil with balsamic for dipping. The bread was so spongy and fresh, you fully enjoyed its taste paired with a soggy dunk in the tangy and salty flavours of the fine oil.

I had the grilled cheese with a tomato bisque soup. The latter was the special of the day. My aim was to order something that was easy to pack and could serve as a late night snack in our suite tonight. This worked. Kootenay alpine nostrala on focaccia, fruit mostarada, and crispy onions. Given how much was going on with this sandwich, I decided to not add prosciutto for $3 more. I liked the curve ball that the pearl onion and cooked raisins gave this rendition. This childhood classic was dressed up and make grown up with it and the crispy toasted bread and crunchy fried onion bites. All of which made this a stand above all the other sandwiches.

The soup was good on its own, but didn’t really do much as a side to the flavour packed toasted sandwich above. It was deep, yet light to drink; the tomato flavour was prominent, yet one toned and dull. And I would have liked the croutons that were quick to go soggy, served on the side.

After not enjoying the pizza he had the night before, my partner was determined to have a better experience with “Miradoro” and their classic Neapolitan style pies. The “Margherita with tomato, basil, fior de latte was pretty good; but the sauce could have had more seasoning for a more exciting flavour. But at least the basil was fresh and the generous globs of white cheese, delicious.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
A great place to visit in Oliver with tasty wines, dressed up plates, and a delicious view. Don’t deny your cravings.


537 Tinhorn Creek Road, Oliver BC, V0H 1T0