My partner wanted ribs and after a few disappointing dinners out for some, we finally went to “Montanan’s to guarantee him his fix. Walking up to the place he complained how hungry he was and how he could smell the scent of the meat he wanted to eat. But it was busy this Saturday night that we would not get to eat any of it anytime soon. We didn’t think of making reservations, so when we came at 7pm we found ourselves having to waiting until 8pm to be seated. Although they were able to take our names and our number to call us when our table was ready.

The restaurant was as I remembered it the handful of times I was ever in the area and wanted something cheap and meaty. A cabin motif, perfectly reflecting the rugged outdoor Canadian lifestyle. Wood logs, hockey jerseys, canoes and paddles, and antlers crafted to form a chandelier.


In the end our wait earned us a great booth table towards the back. Here, tables were pre-set with parchment paper and a glass of crayons for those with children and the need to keep them occupied. Kids that wanted to could draw, my partner was one such kid. Though, sadly we discovered that the crayons available for use were sitting in a shot glass of tobacco sauce. Imagine a child holding on to one of these crayons, then realizing it is wet, instinctively going to lick their hands dry, only to discover an awful burn in their mouths. We brought it to the attention of our server.

He eventually found a green crayon on the floor and went to work. This kept him busy as we waited longer than usual for our food. Given the busy service and the popular time and day, I could have expected as much. Our server was late to take our food order as she was expected to be one of three staff members needed to sing the birthday song (more on that below). And when we finally had our order taken, it took over 45 minutes for it to actually arrive.

But despite the rush and stress our server and majority of the others within ear shot held their composure and remained friendly. They were identified by their casual dress code. Their jeans and flannel look matched the country vibe of the restaurant well. Our server’s energetic disposition was contagious. Everything was a positive yes. I could see why there were so many large groups celebrating birthdays here tonight. It was fun and causal.

For each birthday person, the staff rung musical triangles and called attention to them and their table. First comes an announcement, followed by the singing of their own rendition of happy birthday, or rather a birthday chant. And to make this even more in to a spectacle the birthday boy or girl gets to wear a helmet of stuffed antlers on their head.


When it came time to order, we were excited to learn that their “rib fest” was back. It advertised mouth watering, sauced up, and fall off the bone ribs. They featured three options with sides. But my partner went with the classic 6 rib in their “Rib n’ wing combo”. It gave you a choice of sauce for their famous ribs, and on their four double dusted chicken wings. He went with the honey garlic over his ribs and the chipotle honey for the wings. For sides it was the Mexican corn, fries, and in house baked corn bread.


The ribs were tender, but we missed the traditional BBQ sauce flavouring. The honey garlic he had instead lacked kick. The chipotle honey gave the wings more flavour, but wasn’t necessarily complimentary to its thick breading. It would have been better left as a dry rub seasoned with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper. The sides were pretty standard, chewy fries and a cup of corn that tasted like salsa with the coloured peppers.

I was looking for something a little lighter and gravitated towards the “chicken waffle club sandwich”. Southern fried chicken breast with maple sriracha, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and two strips of double smoked bacon. All between two flame grilled Belgian sugar waffles.


This was a saucy burger that made a mess. Therefore the more I allowed it to sit, the more the soggy the bottom waffle got. It’s run off pooled at the bottom of the skillet it was served in. It also turned a portion of the side potatoes to mush. But worst off was the lettuce in the sandwich that was quick to follow, aided by the mayo and saucy. Sandwich crafting 101, you don’t put mayo and lettuce together. As for the flavour, this was one of the best seasoned chicken breast in waffles I have had. The crispy chicken with saucy spreads and chilli spice, between sweet waffle really gave the sandwich its own identity. As my partner’s first taste of chicken and waffles, he liked what he had here, especially the mix of textures.


For the side I upgraded my choice of fries or one of two salads for their “ultimate appy”. The in “house seasoned Montana’s Chippers”. The regular entree version is seasoned with savoury dill and served with their in house made honey dill dip. This was just salted. The chips where perfectly crispy, offering a great side, better than fried.

As I mentioned earlier, between our two hands on either entrees we made quite the mess. We went through a mound of napkins and had to ask for more. Therefore were grateful to been provided wet wipes at the beginning so that we could do a quick clean up before switching from two hands to picking off the mess with fork and knife.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
It definitely satisfies the craving for classic eats at great prices. Don’t deny your cravings.


2929 Barnet Hwy, Unit 1046, Coquitlam BC, V3B 5R5
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