How do you follow shooting pistols, revolvers, and atomic rifles at a gun range? With plenty of meat for cheap, cause ammo isn’t. And when I think hearty eats for less I think Montana’s, which also happens to be conveniently located in Coquitlam, a couple of kilometres away from the range.

It was dressed like a wood cabin and its decor did everything it could to have you concluding this was the place you wanted to be for hunks of meat and whole potatoes as sides. Fresh game procured from their morning’s hunt maybe? They were painting an illusion and I was easily buying into it.

Walking up to the building, it looked like a cowboy saloon with a pebbled stone exterior. Inside, the room was rampant with wood detailing and furnishings. Wooden floors, wooden arch ways, wood trunks leading to the ceiling’s wooden support beams, and glossy wood tables and chairs. There was even a wooden chandelier crafted to look like the points of antlers. It, like the other decorations added interest to the walls and rafters in a rugged in theme. Snow shoes and skis side stepping on the wall, imitation pine foliage and little trees lining the ceilings. And they even managed to hoist a red truck over tables to create an archway.


Within the foyer, by the hostess booth was a wooden curio cabinet, housing their various barbecue sauces in bottles and jars for you to take home. They had over five different flavours, so you were bound to find one that you liked. And at the actual booth, they had kids colouring sheets and cardboard crowns for patrons. Female and male deer antlers to wear. I was not ashamed to admit that I helped myself to one of each and they kept us entertained as we waited for the food to come. A wait that took longer than expected, considering it wasn’t all that busy around 2pm.


We were directed to the lounge area with its wooden bar, because he didn’t have reservations. Though looking around, they had plenty of seating options across three separate sections. Like the dining area that included a stone fireplace. But we instead sat on high tops surrounded by Canadian hockey jerseys out stretched and pinned at the shoulders. The Jets, Leaf, Montreal Canadiens, and the Canucks were well represented. A Blackhawks jersey made an appearance, but that seemed out of place.

The menu was very user friendly. Plenty of glossy steak and rib photos to order by sight.


The “Rib n’ sausage combo” was their famous ribs served with your choice of BBQ sauce, and a fire grilled chorizo sausage with their bold deli mustard for dipping. This was the full rack of ribs that came with six bones. Although if this was not enough meat, they also had a size up, that was the jumbo version. The ribs were a messy, but delicious affair. Best enjoyed with hands, wet wipes and a bucket to discard bones were provided. The platter was served on slate plate with options for sides. My guest skipped the southern baked beans and corn for coleslaw, and made fries his choice of side with the baked cornbread.


The “Firecracker sirloin” was a top sirloin fire-grilled to perfection. It was topped with plenty of bacon, crispy jalapeƱos, spicy dusted onions, and a chipotle honey BBQ sauce. The steak was perfectly cooked; and with all it toppings, each bite was different and kept interest. It came with the same side choices as the ribs above. Here, my other guest choose the baked potato and coleslaw to accompany the crispy Cajun onions that also topped the steak. Although the onions would have been nicer and stayed crispier for longer, alone on the side. The potato was the most disappointing thing on the plate. It was plain despite all its dressing.


Looking for a smaller portion their “hand carved 7oz petite filet steak, lightly smoked” caught my eye. That and its side of waffle fries, waffle fries are the best kind of fries. And these were the best part of the plate. The crispy potatoes were perfectly fried and breaded with corn meal for that extra crunch. Although I wish there was a better ratio between it and the steak. There was double the amount of potato to meat, if not triple. It was also odd to pull a carving knife from the plate. Its presence unusual considering the meat was already cut up into manageable pieces for you. As for the meat itself, it was tough and dry at the ends and sides. Only one slice in the centre had the texture of medium rare right. The meat was also pretty bland, some additional seasonings or a side of sauce would have easily helped. And while I am asking for things, a fresh component would have been nice to cut through all the heavy starch. Maybe an oven roasted tomato or a side of sweet corn salsa, something to balance the plate. I ended up using ketchup with the potatoes and the meat. Overall, this was a good snack size portion of food at a good price.

Being within a mall means there is plenty of parking and much to look at, after you finish your meal. And we did just that, skipping desserts here for a change of scenery. Especially needed after how long we sat, past paying off our bill, and after our server repeatedly asking us if we needed more water or anything else.

Our server had a way about her. She was saying things that may normally offend you, but because she spoke with a southern charm and an air of comforting self deprecating humour, you engaged in her. Though I still found her a little brash, too lax with her “huns” and “darlings”, too comfortable as she leaned on our table to speak, and too passive aggressive in her hints for us to leave. We eventually took her not so hidden messaging and vacated. In hindsight, I can see her appeal in the setting, a country draw that definitely added character to the place, like a attraction you would come back for.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
Classic eats for great prices. Not my first choice, but one that meets the criteria when I am looking for a guaranteed good meal with plenty of fixings for under $20. Don’t deny your cravings.


2929 Barnet Hwy, Unit 1046, Coquitlam BC, V3B 5R5
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