Did you know that on top of hosting a wide variety of comedic, musical, and dance acts, “River Rock’s Show Theatre” is known to broadcast the occasional sporting match on their 50ft HD screen as well?

And today I was one in a sea of Toronto Raptors fan and handful of Golden State Warriors enthusiasts; here to enjoy the down to the wire, suspenseful, yet disappointing game that was Game 5. On the bright side, those who are just reading this post now can head down to River Rock to enjoy game 6, and 7 if it gets that far. (Let’s hope not).

This event is free admission and first come first serve for seats. If you come early enough you can claim your spot on the lower level which includes full banquet tables and movie theatre style seating closer to the screen. Here, you can eat and drink as you watch. If you head up to the second floor balcony, only drinks are allowed there.

Once again you need not pay to get in, but all the food, drink, and snacks you want come at a cost. The back of the room is set up much like a buffet, with white table clothes and servers behind stations passing out hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, bags of chips, and an assortment of fizzy soda in cans. Adjacent, is a bar with beer on taps and coolers poured into plastic cups.

I grabbed a burger wrapped in foil, a thick beef patty on a bun, which you dress yourself at their condiment bar. Bowls of mayo, mustard, ketchup, and relish that you dole out with a spoon. There is also lettuce by the leaf and tomatoes in slices. It is a similar process for the hot dogs. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the beef patty was, not quite lTriple
O’s” but a heck of a lot better than at any bar or stadium that you would catch the game at.

The nachos on the other hand are your hard, yellow corn variety; coated in the dispensable, thick nacho cheese, familiar to many as “stadium nachos”. But also topped with green onion, tomato chunks, and spicy banana peppers for an additional flourish. Each hefty box is served with a dish of salsa. Pretty standard for this one.

As for the viewing it was great to be surrounded by like fans, in a theatre with a large screen to stare up at. Which also includes two additional smaller, more clear screens on either side. The acoustics of the theatre really amplified the cheering and the boo-ing. Definitely a better game watching experience than at any sports bar, or on your small screen at home.

“River Rock’s Show Theatre”, is one of West Coast’s premier entertainment destinations. They offers comfortable seating within their adaptable 21,000 feet, state-of-the-art space; which easily transforms between three flexible floor plans.

From a cabaret seating (without a dance floor) 1,000 seat auditorium, to a 450 seat theatre, and an 8,000 square foot trade show floor, all with a push of a button.

Upcoming live performances here include the “Price is Right Live”, Shaggy’s Wah Gwaan?! Tour, and the performance of Hwang Chi Yeul. As you can see a wide variety of entertainment for their wide variety of patrons. For more details, show times, and how to get tickets, visit the link below.

River Rock Show Theatre

8811 River Road, Richmond BC, V6X 3P8