This would be my first time witnessing a ballet performance. I have taken up the art as a child, but outside of that leotard that no longer fits, my experience with this artistic expression has been limited. However, I had the opportunity to bid on a prize pack for a good cause, and winning it, included two tickets to a ballet performance of my choice. Given that it was later in the year, I decided that my first professional exposure to the artistic dance should be the acclaimed “Nutcracker”, performed by “Calgary Ballet”.

And best of all you can drink at the theatre. Beer, wine, and high balls in glass when in the foyer. And up to two per person in plastic cups, when drinking in the theatre itself. And with three floors and multiple bars you need not wait too long to get hydrated. They also serve up nuts, cookies, and candies for guests to munch on. And ballet merch for those who want a keepsake. No Nutcrackers though, that was what I was looking for.

As for the performance, in hindsight, my guest and I made the mistake of not reading up on the story ahead of time. And I made the mistake of thinking the story and the ballet were one in the same. I didn’t realize the “Nutcracker” was an individual story and the ballet version was putting that story into interpretative dance. So I went in not knowing the plot, and thus being confused the duration of the 1.5 hour performance. The pace is fairly quick and if you aren’t aware of the story beforehand, you will get lost, and therefore won’t appreciate it as much. In fact I actually fell asleep. Without the dialogue there was nothing to follow. No plot, no story, no progression. Why were there dancing mice? How did they get on to the sled? Why are all these people dancing for who I assume are the main characters?

Nonetheless, I was able to appreciate the athleticism and the intricacies of their movements. I also liked the costumes. Women in ornate dresses, men in tights that didn’t leave anything to the imagination. It was all well done and everyone looked on point: beautiful, glittery, and shimmery.

We weren’t able to take photos of the actual performance, but I grabbed a feel shots to acknowledge the talent of the ballerinas, as they took their bows. This is a great experience for those who tend to be more visual by nature. Worth checking out if you have never seen a ballet performance, let alone the “Nutcracker”. But unfortunately the season is over and all the performances have been carried out. But for other, upcoming performances, visit the ballet website below.