Today I was invited to “Medina cafe” for the “OneCoffee” launch. Well to be specific, the celebratory launch of “OneCoffee’s” single-serve coffee pods being 100% compostable. They have been around for 4 years now, as Western Canada’s largest coffee roaster operating out of Burnaby and Richmond, respectively. But during that time they were only 80-90% compostable, and slowly working towards their goal of getting to 100% . And today they were, and we were all gathered to acknowledge that fact with their coffee.

This was done by pairing it with one of four popular “Medina” menu items. Each option included which of the three roasts, we were tasting today, that would be the best compliment to it.

The “Fricasse” was the crowd favourite, as it is the restaurant’s better seller. Two sunny side up eggs, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, applewood smoked cheddar, arugula, and grilled focaccia.

It is best paired with “OneCoffee’s Sumatran blend”. A full bodied dark roast with smokey, fruity, and earthy notes. Ideal with spicier flavours.

Another popular dish is their “Paella”. Here it is with two poached egg, orzo, spicy chorizo sausage, seasonal vegetables, grana padano, avocado, and a spicy charred tomato salad. This was also best pair with “OneCoffee”s Sumatran blend”, as it too was on the spicier side.

I had the “Saumon Fume”, a lighter dish that went best with a medium brew. This is a slice of grilled sourdough topped with smoked wild salmon cream cheese, avocado, sweety drop peppers, artichoke, and one sunny egg to finish it off.

It’s pairing was the “OneCoffee Ethiopian blend”. A fuller bodied coffee with winey, fruity, and mostly floral notes.

No one around me had the vegetarian “Fritta”. But if they did the “OneCoffee Colombian blend” would be the best to pair with it. Truth be told I don’t drink coffee all that often, but if I did, this is the cup I wouldn’t mind. It was easy to drink, with winey and citrus notes.

And for dessert we were treated to”Medina’s” popular liege-style waffle paired with a specialty made topping featuring “OneCoffee”. A milk chocolate, lavender, and mocha sauce infused with “OneCoffee”. It was definitely a great way to end our brunch.

For those looking to try “OneCoffee” 100% compostable coffeee machine pods, they are available in “London Drugs, the organic isle of “Superstore”, “Choices, and “Whole Foods”.