With the holidays just around two corner, it is time to start looking for that perfect Christmas party locale.

For something other than a hotel conference room or a popular restaurant rented, look no further than Vancouver Harbour. I have been on a handful of commercial yachts and attended my fair share of dinners once aboard. So I can confidently say, by far one of your best options for a yacht party is to go with “Pacific Yacht Charters”. Not only is a good looking vessel, with a more luxurious lower deck, but the food that is served on it is terrific.

The yacht has three levels and each one equipped with its own bar. The first floor was more like a lounge with couches meant for more relaxed seating. The second floor was outfitted with high tops, white table cloths and succulents in pots. And the third let you up and outside for a roof top party vibe.

The former two were made festive with winter wreaths, candy canes, and a Christmas tree. And today we were getting a sneak peak of what you can expect when booking with them, which included a traditional Christmas dinner.

While we sipped on our choice of mimosas or house red or white wine, small bites were rotated around the room.

The Brie crostini with stone fruits was delicious. Creamy, salty cheese perfectly paired with caramelized apricots and plums.

And the yam profiterole with candied bacon was like having candied yams in a whole new way. I liked the flavour, but just wished the profiterole was a little softer, to better pair with the whipped yam spread.

Our on-ship chefs carved up turkey asking our preference for white or dark meat. But both were so tender and succulent that it didn’t really matter what piece you got. Drizzled in their rich runny gravy, this was perfection.

For something sweeter and heavier, the honey glazed ham was a show stopper. Presented whole as a hoc, this too was craved to order, down to the bone.

The two meats above were well paired with their homemade cranberry sauce, buttered buns, and chunky stuffing with dried fruit and chopped nuts. All together this made for complete Christmas dinner platter.

And for dessert there were miniature pumpkin pie tartlets and buttery short bread cookies. The latter was decorated with chocolate details like Santa in red and white, tiny gingerbread men, and snowflake and pine tree cutouts.

For a sweet beverage to end on they had self serve hot chocolate and a chilled egg nog that was more sugar and cream.

In conclusion, make “Pacific Yacht” your choice for a party on the sea. No other vessels offers delicious food and a good time with a roving backdrop when they set sail. For more on their catering services visit the link below. And for those who want to be on the yacht, but don’t want to reserve the entire vessel; this year, “Pacific Yacht” is featuring dockside table reservations for the holiday season. Guests may reserve a table of 10 (or more) for a luncheon or dinner buffet. Great for families, small companies, groups of friends, or associations who would like a warm, festive and unique venue to celebrate the season.

1601 Bayshore Drive, Suite 35, Vancouver BC, V6G 2V4