I have been meaning to visit this cafe for their homemade ice cream, but their earlier closing times and my schedule have never married up. But today, on one of the last warm days of summer it was as good of a day as any to take a stroll by the Seawall with some “Brown Paper Packages” ice cream. Some of which is only available out of this location, with select specialty stores offering snipets of their line.


The cafe offers lunch time blended soups, colourful sandwiches, and fresh tossed salads. With a full pantry of gourmet ingredients available for purchase. Pasta, noodles, olive oil, seasonings, and homemade bottled tomato sauce. Everything to make your own homemade Italian dinner. They even had brown packages and jars of the sauces and granola that occasionally topped their rotating sundaes for sale. Great considering you can also take containers of their ice cream home with you as well.


However we remained true to our mission and bee lined it to their counter to read off their chalkboard dessert menu. Ice cream and sorbets were available by the scoop, in pints, or sandwiched between cookies.


My guest got the vegan “Coco lemon”, and couldn’t believe that it didn’t contain any milk product, and was delicious. After a bite, she immediately declared that she would return again just for this. This was lemon coconut ice cream with a coconut cookie. Made with coconut milk, it was refreshingly tart, and wonderfully creamy. A mild flavour for those who like the sharpness of a sorbet, but the creaminess of a gelato. I preferred the cookies and would have bought dozen to enjoy as is, if they were made available. They were a nice, buttery, light cookie that easily crumbled under your bite.

Their ice cream sandwiches are available at selected stores. But their sundaes are only available with them, through this shop. I made sure to take advantage of my timing. Although the “Blueberry billy” ice cream sandwich was pretty tempting. Blueberry goat cheese ice cream with a lemon oatmeal cookie. Heck, I am sure their mint chip sandwich was just as good too. If I could, I would have gotten all three to try, but I was not planning on heading home anytime soon. And although my favourite food is ice cream, too much of a good thing can turn bad quick.

The clerk introduced me to the one woman show that was “Brown Paper Package” ice cream. They were proud to regale me with the fact that all the elements that would go into and over my sundae was all made in house. And they both agreed that the sundae was the best way to go for my first taste of their in house made ice cream.


Today’s sundae was a bergamot olive oil ice cream topped with lemon curd, meringue pieces, and an earl grey tea dusting. The zesty lemon and savoury oil were very complimentary. Just a bit tart and a bit savouriness to round out all the sweetness of the curb. The meringue gave the sundae some crunch and the tea added another level when in your spoon. Overall it reminded me of a deconstructed and updated version of a lemon meringue pie.

We were able to dine in grabbing a seat around their indoor island counter, or claim one of the tables right outside. But as I mentioned earlier, the day was too good to not take our dessert to go by the water, and instead park ourselves on some green grass.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
I am not sure about their lunch time offerings, but I most definitely will be back for their ice cream. If it wasn’t such a hard area to park in, I would find myself here more often. And once again, their flavour and combinations were creative and rotated frequently, giving you plenty of reason to return and try it all. Don’t deny your cravings.


620 Quebec Street, Vancouver BC, V6A 4E7
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