I was gifted a box of pies, nothing says love and care like a box of pies. I personally would prefer a box of pies over a box of chocolates any day. And why have one big pie when you can have four mini pies? Especially when they offer so many unique flavours to try them in.

The “Pie Hole”, pie company currently doesn’t have their own retail space. You can only get their pies through certain restaurants and/or cafes in which they sell to. You can also order a pie through their website by clicking on drop downs and customizing crust and size. And with 48 hours notice you get a fresh pie to pick up. Although you need to keep in mind that their bakery/kitchen has certain available pick up times, and that they aren’t open on weekends. Luckily pies keep well in the refrigerator, and last longer than you usual cake or doughnut.

Online they offer plenty of pies to choose from in both sweet and savoury varieties. Classic fruit pies like cherry, apple, raspberry, and lemon meringue. And more unique ones, that are exclusive to them like the “raw avocado key lime pie” for vegans, a “maple French toast bacon pie” for those who want to eat their breakfast for dessert, and a bourbon pumpkin pie for those who like some kick with their butter and sugar. For savoury options they had ones featuring beef, chicken, pork, turkey, salmon, and vegetable. “Steak and stout”, “bacon cheeseburger”, “Thai chicken”, “salmon chowder”, “bangers and mash”, and a “Mac and cheese” pie; just to name a few. And if you are looking for even more, they aren’t just pies. They also do ice cream sandwiches with cheese, butter tarts made with Bailey’s; and their own take on the cake pop, but with a golden brown pie at the end of a stick.

The pies I would be trying below were from a pop up shop. I kept them chilled, but they are best warmed up and eaten with ice cream. I sampled a little bit of each because I feel food is best, when you get to taste and compare flavours to see what you like from one to the other.


I went with the “Apple pear caramel praline” first, as a base comparison, we all know what an apple pie should taste like. But despite all the ingredients in its name, it just tasted like a regular apple pie. I didn’t get any pear chunks, nor could I detect a crunch from the pralines. Although it was still good as it was. This was a classic apple pie with tender chunks of cinnamon and sugar apple slices, a flaky buttery crust, and an extra pop of sugar baked in on top.


Continuing with least to most adventurous, I then set my attention to the “Blackberry rhubarb” pie. What I confused for shredded coconut, was actually a sprinkling of grated and toasted rhubarb on top of the pie. With this you got both fruit and vegetable flavours in equal balance. You tasted the blackberry with its sweetness. It transition into a tang, complementary to the rhubarb. But you mostly notice the rhubarb for its fibrous chew, it’s crispiness added another textural element, between the squishy berries and the crumbly crust.


The “Blueberry goat cheese basil pie” was the most original, I wonder how they came up with such a unique combination for ingredients. It was a one of a kind flavour profile that had you going back for more. You can’t figure this one out with one bite. You weren’t sure if you liked it, but were willing to finish the whole pie in order to find out. You got the herbaceous-ness of fragrant basil, the salty tang of rich goat cheese, and the sweetness of juicy blueberries to blanket it all under. The crust also varied a little from that of the apple’s, it was more crumbly like a powdered cookie. Overall this isn’t a taste you would crave, but a great flavour combination you don’t mind trying and finishing; then getting others to try and finish themselves. Although I think the filling would be best in between some sourdough for an artisan sandwich. It was more savoury that sweet for a desert pie. I would recommend this for those who don’t like their desserts sweet, but don’t want to feel left out in the world of after dinner pies.


I finished on the “Chocolate pecan”, assuming it was the most rich. I was right. It had the same flaky pastry as the apple and blueberry pies, holding a chewy mix of nuts and chocolate. It wasn’t too sweet, a butter tart paste made with chocolate and pecan. It had a good flavour to pair with tea and coffee. Although I would have preferred the filling over a cookie-like crust, for a bar-like dessert. With the current pastry’s crust the dessert was too crumbly in your mouth, and felt chalky against the inside of your cheeks.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
I look forward to them having their own store front, but it might be a while considering they have already found success selling through others since 2011. I would like to try their more exotic flavours, and with their miniature pies you feel the pride and accomplishment of eating a whole pie without having to endure its calories. Don’t deny your cravings.


401 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver BC
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