This year I am especially excited for the up coming winter season! Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to kick off the festivities to come, than with my first ever visit to “Potters“. “Potters” is a garden centre and nursery located in Surrey BC. But this time every year, they are better known as Western Canada’s largest Christmas store. With over 28,000 square feet of display space and seasonal merchandise for sale, there is something for everyone. Gifts to give and decorations to buy.

Open now through to Christmas Eve, the store is only around for 9 weeks. Which is plenty of time to get your tree up, and head back if you end up needing something else. So scroll through to know what to expect, but I highly recommend coming down yourself. To be able to fully appreciate the work that went into this transformation.

The following is only but a smigin of what they have in store. So for more Christmas, check out my vlog of two hours spent amongst the aisles, now up on my YouTube channel: MaggiMei.

“Potter’s” curates their collections by shopping the world for all things Christmas. They focus on bringing back items that are both “tasteful and unusual”. Knick knacks and trinkets that they hope you won’t see elsewhere.

With over 60,000 themed ornaments, you are sure the find the perfect one to represent that perfect someone. Gift them an bauble representing their profession, hobby, spirit animal, or even favourite dessert snack.

And with over 30 decorated and themed trees you can see these ornaments spin and sparkle in action. Take inspiration, or simply make it for your own. “The entire store is an Christmas adventure”, and the staff have definitely achieved their goal to wow-ing their customers the minute we walk in the door. Half the fun is roaming the nooks and crannies, exploring the towering aisles, and taking in all the details and workmanship that is put into their displays.

There is a section just dedicated to a literal “white Christmas”. Egg shell coloured snowflakes, pearlescent white angels, and creamy white feathered birds. For a little more colour go for the rose gold and/or pink winter decor items adjacent. Here is where you find ballet dancers, Christmas flamingoes, and pink poodles.

The entire showroom is set a little darker to evoke a feeling of mysticism and magic through Christmas lights and lighted home décor. Animated paintings, twinkling snowflakes, and a variety of novelty string lights glow. “Paw Patrol” and “Snoopy” for the kids, and moose shaped cups with antlers or a leg lamp for the classic Christmas movie fan.

“Potter’s” also carries giftable items like fruit flavoured candy canes, boxes of cookies, and tins of sweets. Grab a couple of their artisan preserves and box of crackers for your next dinner party. Bake a batch of cookies for Santa using one of their chocolatey spreads. Or stir up some fun with one of their novelty packets of hot chocolate powder.

This year they are proud to announce over 200 stocking stuffer options. Find the perfect stocking and then fill it up with toys, accessories, and personalized keepsakes.

Be warned, you will want to carve out a large chunk of time for this trip. To fully take in and enjoy the sheer volume of holiday product that surrounds you. The following are a few additional photos of things that I found worth noting. Like the “Frozen” castle and “Whosville”.


19158 48 Ave, Surrey, BC V3Z 1B2
(604) 576-5011