I love Halloween, I love the decorations, the dressing up, and all the candy. Though admittedly I am a scaredy cat, so up to now have avoided majority of the haunted house attractions that also pop up this time of year. But in this post, I would pull up my big girl pants and brave the two haunted houses at one of Vancouver’s well known haunts: “Potters House of Horrors”.

Running until October 31st, you have 3 weeks to visit for yourself. They are open daily from 7-10pm and 7:30-10:30pm on the 18th, 19th, and 25th to the 27th. Located in Surrey, it is a bit of a trek, but with two fully loaded haunted houses and plenty of attractions to entertain, the drive is well worth it. Tickets are $15.99 for adults and $12.99 for children. And a ticket is required for each house. So visiting two houses equals $31.98. I strongly suggest paying the $14 extra for the (adult) speed pass, in order to skip the line. It does get pretty lengthy and with the necessary time in between groups entering, this wait does get extended. Not to mention, it is doubled if you want to visit both haunted houses, with a need to wait in the same line twice. But with both of our speed passes we blew by everyone and shot to the front.

Although if you have the time and a solid group to wait with, the time does pass with costumed actors engaging the crowd and posing for photo ops. In fact, the clerk and the front of the line pointed out the owner of “Potter’s” dressed like a goul with rubber mask and a well tailored bones and pumpkin patterned suit. He climbed on the wooden barriers, turned him self upside, and tried to catch visitors by surprise.

The whole complex is themed like an abandoned town with bakery, movie theatre, and butcher shop. Each building with its own condemned facade, slewn with corpses and creepy crawly things. My photos are only of the exterior, as you aren’t allowed to take photos in either of the haunted houses. One, as to not ruin the surprise for others, two you wouldn’t want to stay in any one room for too long anyways. The actors are able to travel between rooms and follow you from one to another. They also have cameras that are monitored by security to ensure that this rule is being upheld.

I won’t be going into much detail of the sights and sounds of each house, you’ll have to come down and experience it for yourself. All I can say is it isn’t for the faint of heart, and if it wasn’t for my brave companion, who I grabbed on to tightly, I would have used one of the many emergency exits to escape the horror long before the exit. These were two of the longest haunted houses I have ever been in. A 15 minute trek for most, and what felt like much too long for a scaredy cat like me.

New for 2019 is “Death Valley Motor Inn”, another haunted building to fit into their haunted town. Themed like a lonely desert hotel, you explore each room uncovering all the “Psychotic killers, deranged murderers, and midnight stranglers that wander the hallways looking for their next victim.” With animatronics and compressed air shooting your direction, you don’t know if what is behind you an actor or a moving machine. Although it is clear when the fully costumed and fully committed actors begin following you around and screaming for you to “get out!” Thank goodness they can’t touch you, so you don’t have that added fear to worry about.

The second house is the “Devil’s Descent”. I suggest visiting this house first if you are planning to do both. We traversed it second, and found it less scary with less actors than that of the gory inn. So to ramp up your night enjoy an exploration into deep underground caves and forlorn woods first. This was definitely more of a visual treat. The elaborate caverns and spooky swamp had me wishing for more time to immerse myself in the scene. To be able to poke and prod, and really inspect the craftsmanship that went into this.

In between each house, we were able to take a break in their attraction area. Neon colours and strobing lights. Here, you can pose with numerous curated photo ops. Disco-loving zombies and pumpkins, and well dressed skeletons on a fancy night out.

But my favourite backdrops were the the ones bathed in black light, making everything white or remotely neon glow under its light. These satanic symbols look less scary in electric pink and lime green.

Here, there are games to test your strength and stamina at reasonable prices. $5-10. An arcade punching bag with tracker, the ability to ride in a moving coffin with audio, a spooky dress up photo booth, scary escape room, and glow in the dark paint ball.

We spent $10 on the latter, sharing 100 rounds between two. With paintball masks we headed into the enclosed range. 100 paint balls to shoot in a random black lit room, already well saturated in paint. With moving targets and dangling objects there was plenty to aim with your crosshairs at. Rock music plays overhead and counts your time down.

And what attraction is complete without a gift shop? This one is equipped with spooky apparel and costume accessories for sale. There is even a concession stand on site, should you feel a little peckish.

With so much to see and do, this is one worth crossing off your Halloween check list. Set the tone for a spooky October with “BC’s #1 Scariest Haunted House” (as claimed on their website).

12530 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2M6
(604) 572-7706