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The Park Royal mall has undergone some major renovations, and with it came a new food court with new stalls. After a quick walk around, the one offering freshly baked flatbreads to order caught my eye. These were personal size pizza rounds perfect for lunch.

The “Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company” currently has several store fronts where they are serving up their fresh artisan flatbread-pizzas daily. This was their newest location.

They don’t do the typical pepperoni, Hawaiian, or deluxe pizzas. Instead they used organic and premium toppings to craft their flatbreads. Organic ingredients like organic beef pepperoni, organic tomato sauce, and free range chicken. And premium ingredients like Genoa salami, asiago cheese, and Schinken speck ham. Each flat bread is soy free, corn free, peanut free, and free of preservatives. You can also make it gluten free for a little under $3 more. Each flatbread is made to order with organic flours, all natural meats, Canadian cheeses, and plenty of locally sourced vegetables. Spend a little more to make your meal a combo with a soup or side salad.

It was a little hard to choose from with ten different flatbread options and the ability to have them as sandwiches and salads. There was a “lemon rosemary chicken” flatbread with roasted red pepper and pesto. And the “ham and mango” sounded like a fun twist. But I went with what I felt had the most interesting ingredients assembled together over toasted dough.


After my order was taken and I paid, I was given a buzzer to indicate when it would be done. The ones that look like a sliding cell phone, given out when waiting to be seated at a restaurant. It made sense as you would have to wait for you flatbread to be made. The pre-made and chilled dough had to be floured and rolled out. Topped accordingly from their bins of pre-chopped ingredients. Then baked in their oven for 299 seconds. According to their sign, this is under five minutes.

It sounds pretty quick, but would prove to be a long time if you are dining with someone and they had to wait for you. The flatbread was faster food, but if someone, like my partner went to a stand offering a combo of sides and rice that was already cooked and just being kept warm in trays, they/he would have to wait for you/me. And where they/he would finish their food and you/I would only be just beginning.

After the flatbread’s removal from heat, using the traditional long handled paddle, it is cut into slices. I had it “for here” on a paper plate, but was able to get a mini pizza box to take what I didn’t finish to go.


The “Sundried tomato and goat cheese flatbread” came with organic tomato sauce, Canadian mozzarella, sundried tomato, crimini mushrooms, goat cheese, artichoke, and mixed herbs. You can’t get this line up at most pizza places, I was immediately impressed. You get what you pay for this one. Gourmet ingredients come at a price and it was worth the under $10 I had to pay for it. It was fully loaded and delicious. Plenty of flavour with enough sauce on a crispy thin crust.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
I was not disappointed, this was a cut above most food court stalls. Great food, decent prices, and at the speed and convenience you’d expect at a food court. I was eating well where my partner was less than pleased with his over sauced, dry, and disappointing paper plate. Don’t deny your cravings.


2002 Park Royal South, West Vancouver BC
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