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Romano’s Pizza

IMG_2106  IMG_2109   When stumbling out of a bar or night club at 1am in the morning, there is nothing like a greasy slice of pizza. When eaten it helps to curb your tipsiness and replenish some of the energy you have expelled. Especially after a long night of dancing in the dark, yelling over loud music, and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Tonight we found ourselves walking along Granville Street in search of just that. While waiting for our ride we decided to stop at “Romano’s Pizza”. The bright lights and open entrance were appealing, and easy to navigate when in a slightly intoxicated state. I suppose that’s why we weren’t the only ones here to cap off our night.

IMG_2108IMG_2117All the pizzas are pre made, cut into healthy sizes, and displayed in the window for passer byers to be tempted over. They kept warm with the aid of multiple heat lamps. And were ready to be eaten as soon as they were requested. Tonight there were over eight varieties in the sealed showcase. It didn’t matter the toppings, each extra large slice was $1.79. They were all left unlabelled, but it was obvious what was what with the generous amount if toppings from tip to crust. Besides when starving you judge by the appearance of your food more than anything. There was cheese, meat lovers drizzled with dressing, Hawaiian, deluxe, bacon and mushroom, and a spinach that went untouched. We went simple with pepperoni, this tired it all tasted the same.


The pizza pallor was a counter and ovens to the right and several black two seater table and matching chairs to the left. Nothing spectacular, but they served their purpose. You grab a seat with your bite, finish and go. At this late in the night we didn’t care how dirty the tables were, or if they were ever cleaned, we just wanted to sit and rest our heeled feet. This place with its cheap food served this function. Looking around, everyone was in the same state and in the same mind frame as ourselves. Tired, hungry, and on their phones.


I cannot imagine how staff are able to deal with all the rowdy people on a Saturday night. Their customers are clumsy and inhibited from drinking. And numerous groups, including ours were shouting. What a hectic work place. Luckily the four staff members seemed to be able to keep their calm and continued to serve their rush with muted composure.

Would I come back? Would I recommend it? – Given the same set of circumstances, yes. After a night of booze and bottles, it is nice to be able to save a little on hot food that satisfies. Not only do they offer pizza, but they have all the late night take out classics as well. Wings, lasagna, chicken strips, jalapeño poppers, spinach roles, calzones, and garlic bread. Nothing over $10 and everything with the possibility of being part of a combo, with a side of pop. Don’t deny your late night cravings.

Romano’s Pizza
902 Granville St, Vancouver BC
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  1. Jesse

    This sounds like it was written by a 16 year old who just got into their first bar

    • mag_mei

      I will take that as a compliment. I have my youthful days and write exactly how I feel when visiting each and every place that. It’s not meant to be professional, more my opinions, it is a blog after all. Thanks for reading and taking the time to post your comment.

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