After walking all around downtown, looking for the perfect spot for lunch, we finally ended at “Salsa Agave” in Yaletown. We wanted something light and their lunch menu offerings were just the right price.

We grabbed a table on their patio to take advantage of the warmth and their ideal people watching locale. It caught your eye with its neon green and orange painted patio chairs. They were paired with tiled table tops that were sheltered from the sun’s rays by large golf umbrellas. It was a comfortable perch for our mid-afternoon meal.

Their lunch menu was one sheet of coloured photos for easier ordering. Prices varied from $9-11.50. And we started off with a small serving of crunchy tortilla chips and semi spicy dip.

I had the “Chicken enchiladas” covered with a red sauce and slices of avocado. They were good, but definitely benefited from the side of smooth beans and gently flavoured orange rice for substance. They gave the enchiladas more flavour and depth than the dry chicken and grainy tortillas did together. However I could have used more than two slices of avocado, like the photo showed and more vegetables in the mixed rice.

My guest had the soup and sandwich combo. In house made tortilla soup, paired with her choice of torta, which she choose carnitas (pork) for. The sandwich was tasty, the stand out was the chewy bread with its crispy toasted edges, it was the most prominent flavour and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Inside were a fistful of greens, a juicy tomato slice, and mustard for a nice spicy zing. As for the soup, it isn’t the type you would dip a sandwich into. It was best enjoyed on its own to capture all the spicy tomato flavour and its back of the throat spice. I know it is the namesake of the bowl, but I would have preferred it without the shreds of mushy tortilla sunk to the bottom; or better yet to have them on the side (like the jalapeños) to add in as you wanted. And so that they keep their crunch for longer.

For drinks I had a “Michelada”. It is when beer meets a sauce with spices, like a Mexican caesar with tomato juice and a salted rim. You choose your own beer, and it is served with a glass 1/5 filled with their red tomato mix. To it you pour in your beer, then drink. Given the hue I expected an fizzy orange flavour like orange crush. Instead it was a nice lighter alternative to a caesar, and the perfect flavour companion to our meal. Great for those who want to drink, but don’t like the taste of beer. I just found the salt on the rim unnecessary and far too much. It made my face pucker when I drank from the glass the first time.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – No.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
They are a quick and easy stop. Tasty enough and priced well, but not a destination, best as a convenience stop. Don’t deny your cravings.


1205 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver BC
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