Did you know that BC has its very own seafood festival? Which should be no surprise given our position by the Pacific, and how many make their living off our coasts.

So once a year the bounty of our oceans are celebrated with a week’s worth of seafood themed events and going ons. And it’s not just eating it; so if you vegan, there is still plenty for you to enjoy. Festivities include whale watching to sport fishing excursions, sail boat races to guided animal encounters. The latter includes Killer Whales, Humpbacks, Dolphins, Sealions, Harbour Seals, Bald Eagles, and Colourful Seabirds in their natural and majestic habitat.

You can even get a ride on a yacht or helicopter! The former has you enjoying a day of sailing in Comox Bay and the Straight of Georgia with an experienced local skipper; and it even includes a picnic lunch. With your helicopter tour you can choose your sky high scenery between the city, island, and the famed Commox Glacier.

But for the foodie, there is of course many ways to experience the seafood fest with your tongue. Like a gin and oyster social, where you slurp your fresh oyster and wash it down with some “Unruly gin”, poured right into the shell. There are tours to take, experiencing local Comox Valley culinary with appies and your choice of wine or craft beer at 3 different restaurants, all in one night. And “Oceanfest”, a celebration of the ocean by the ocean; with live music, free snacks on the pier, and a great view of some sailboat racing. But for something more dressier, you can purchase tickets to a 4 course dinner paired with wines from “40 knots winery”.

So if you are looking for that June getaway in our own backyard, this is the one to get excited about. And if you visit their website it makes planning for your trip a breeze. With hotel suggestions and itemized lists of things to do, there is to keep yourself and your party busy on the island from dusk to dawn.

I will be attending for my first year and have already signed up for the following, although will definitely be attending other events that come my way. So be sure to follow me as I post live on Twitter and Instagram; and of course blog and vlog it all in recap.

I am really excited for the local seafood producer tour, to be able to get a tour of the Manatee Holdings Hatchery and the Fanny Bay Oysters Plant. I will definitely be at the “Shucked! Happy Hour;” the kick-off to the weekend where local oyster producers will showcase their BC coastline goods. While “Shucker Paddy” will be there “shucking” off his Guinness Book of World Records skills. And I can’t miss the “Baked n’ Boiled! Kitchen Party and Concert”. A giant seafood boil with plenty of simmering local shellfish to be eaten with your hands, paired with craft-spirit tastings and music from “The WhiskeyDicks”.

For more details and more reasons to start planning your trip to Commox, June 7-16th visit the link below, and I will see you there!

All the photos pictured above are not my own. But provided by the #BCSeafoodFest for the benefit of this post.