In case you didn’t know, stuffed bagels are a thing, and they are the most efficient and effective way to eat a bagel.

I stumbled upon on them, having over heard a customer order one from the “Siegel’s Bagels” stall at Granville island. I often roam the marketplace in search of something new and different, and here this was today.

I came up closer to the stand’s glass barrier for a better look. Lined up along the side of the stall were the stuffed bagels mingling in with the regular bagels. A few of each were kept warm on a heated oven, and others left room temperature ready for a quick bag and go.

Their bagels are Montreal style bagels, boiled and baked to their ideal chewy texture. They continue to baked them throughout the day in their wood fire oven. They also do miniature bagels, but that requires an order, 24 hours in advance.

With the stuffed bagels could tell you weren’t looking at your regular every day bagels. These were still round like a ring, but now bloated full with various fillings. For savoury they offered a meat and a vegetarian option. A smoked meat or spinach and cheese stuffed bagel. I chose the latter, not liking wilted greens.


Given how much meat was isolated within folds of the dough, I was surprised it wasn’t more salty. Not surprisingly was the uneven distribution of meat within the dough, though if you eat a bagel width wise you should have some smoked meat in every chew. I found things had enough flavour; but if you wanted more, they also offer their regular flavoured bagels open faced or as a sandwich. And with them you can get candied smoke salmon, cream cheese and lox, tuna melt, and more smoke meat with mustard and a pickle.


For the sweet stuffed bagels they did fruit fills like raspberry, strawberry, and basically any berry you could make into jam. Today they just had blueberry and it was terrific. It was flat on the sides and bubbly at the centre. It looked like a top hat with slits cut in. This dessert bagel was more buttery and just as easy to chew. The jelly-syrup-like filling made them a great hearty breakfast or an after meal dessert. I would like to try the other flavours if they are as good as this.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
Not having seen anything like this in the bagel or bread scene, this was certainly worth the call out and blog note. The only place I know of for stuffed bagels in the city, and regular bagels that are worth a try. Don’t deny your cravings.


Granville Island Marketplace
1689 Johnston Street, Vancouver BC
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