What better way to watch the highly anticipated Deadpool movie than like a VIP? And as the movie’s strong marketing campaign suggested, we made doing so part of our Valentine’s Day plans.

If you are like us, and hate arriving anywhere early just to line up. In this case, line up for the perfect seat, the vip service at Coquitlam’s Silvercity theatre is for you. Not only is your seat reserved, and yours to sit at, at your leisure; but you essentially get a small couch for you and your guest to lounge in. This was in place of the typical pull down, squeaky movie chair. With large arm rests that also function as a table, and the ability to remove the one between you and your guest. It is a more romantic way to watch a movie as a couple. Better seats made to make viewing a movie as comfortable as it can be outside your own home, but with the large screen experience.

We often use this service, basically with all the movies we deem worthy to watch in the theatre. The block blusters and films that would be best seen off of an engulfing screen. It costs a little more, but we earn it back in time not spent waiting in line and being in discomfort. The latter is especially essential during a longer movies, and as you age and earn back problem. Inevitable.

You order your tickets ahead of time and online, then pick them up at the kiosk. And with tickets in hand, you head into a specially sequestered area for “VIPs”. Basically you pay more to have the perks available in these set theatres. At the entrance, a ticket checker checks tickets and IDs, as they serve alcohol in the area.


In this space and there is a designated lounge area with a bar, high tops tables, and recliners. A great place for those wanting to have date night all in one place. Dinner and a movie? The carpeting, fireplace, and dim lighting helped to set the tone. Here not only are you able to order alcoholic drinks, but food as well, with its own concession stand. Basically it is a similar assortment that is offered at the lobby, but gussied up for fancy small plates and full sized entrees.

If you rather not mingle, but take the time to set yourself comfortable before the movie, you can do so with your reserved seats. And whilst sitting, if you decide you want something from the concession stand, a group of servers stand at the ready to assist. With a raising of your hand they trek up the isles to take your order and deliver your requests. And all the while you stay seated in comfort. I didn’t see money or a machine changed hands, so I don’t exactly know how payment is made. This service is available right up to and including the start of the movie. But most movie goers don’t solicit the service after previews; knowing it will require a body walking back and forth, blocking the view of others. However our neighbours continued to order drinks well into the movie. Resulting in my partner and I bobbing around trying to earn ourselves a view of the screen. We all know how great the first scene of the movie is. And we missed a seamless view of it.

Therefore after this experience, I know I will never take them up on this service. Not only to spare viewers, but in general we don’t really purchase theatre food. It is like any snacks at any event, it is often sold at inflated prices. And they aren’t necessarily all that good, they are just the only options available. Therefore you end up having to pay more than you should for it. Though if we choose to snack, it is on popcorn, and that is easy enough to grab yourself.

But one of the best things about the VIP experience is the washroom situation. A row of single stalled facilities are available for those attending these shows. It means a shorter wait for the washroom and a nice visit to it.

As for the movie, it was as great as everyone says it is, and it leaves you immediately wanting more.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Don’t have to.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No. You don’t travel out of town to watch a movie.
Anyone can enjoy their own VIP experience for $21.99.


170 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam BC, V3K 4X9