Did you know there is a way to bring the teas that you love to you. Think Avon, Scentsy, and Tupperware parties, but for teas. Introducing “Stepped Tea”, the door to door tea company that employs regular people like you and me, and gives them the opportunity to work for themselves, by selling teas from their catalogue. For those interested in such a venture, your commitment starts with $99 plus shipping for a starter package.

I know one such individual enjoying her “opportunitea”, as a “Steeped tea” independent consultant. So decided to connect with her for a better understanding of this company and what it could offer me as one who prefers tea over coffee. She advertises her services as “pot of tea with Nadine”. I had contacted her after reading about her offering samples and encouraging those following her page to seek out her service like you would any consultant. That her love of tea would be an asset when deciding on your next brew.

Not only did she deliver samples, but along with the very thoughtful care package was literature about what is it she does, and a fully coloured catalogue that I could use to place my orders through her.

She gave me a smattering of teas. Each loose leaf spoon sealed in ziplock bag enclosed with a tea bag, and labelled with an ingredient list, brewing instructions, and cost per gram. Each sample is repackaged by the independent consult you are working with. So it looks like Nadine went the whole nine yards with effort. She even included her business card with each baggie, should you have any additional follow up questions.

I was treated to five flavoured black teas. A regular black tea, a creamy earl grey with corn flower petals, and the “tutti frutti” with dried strawberry pieces. The “fuzzy peaches” had both peaches and passion fruit and the “cocoa mint” had black berry and mint leaves combined.

For the green teas I got a sample of the “buttered popcorn”, with green and black tea leaves, as well as popped corn kernels. “Drop that sweet beet” had almond, apple, and beet root bits. And the classic matcha was a fine powder.

I was also gifted a very seasonal pumpkin rooibos tea and a scoop of hot chocolate powder. A herbal tea called the “stress reliever” with over seven ingredients including more pumpkin and ginkgo and nettle leaves. And and creamy milky oolong.

Having teas not be my specialty, I decided to share my bounty with a local tea blogger. Some one who has tasted and tried many leaves and knows her way around a pot. Although unfortunately it seems like we didn’t get to the samples soon enough. You smelled its fragrance, but didn’t get much of it in flavour, despite how long you allowed things to steep. This apparently could be in part to how long they have been sitting unused. The best example was with the fuzzy peaches and the popcorn tea. Where after minutes of steeping, it seemed like the scent was for novelty as the flavours were too subtle to be noticed. Overall she found the teas were best when they were straightforward classics, it seemed the novelty of “extra” ingredients was lost on a tea connoisseur such as herself.

Whereas for someone who liked novelty and enjoys trying new things like me, all their catalogue pages of of iced and hot tea offerings seemed fun to me. Organic teas with blood orange, maraschino cherry, and strawberries and cream. Teas that mimic the flavours of Italian orange soda, almond chocolate tortes, and an apple raspberry sorbet.

Once again to taste and try a fun tea collection, with some personalized service in tow, check out “Pot of tea with Nadine”.