Because when you claim to be a lifestyle blogger, no topic is off the table. In your life time how many people do you expect to show your privates too? If you sit and think about the total number, for non sexual reasons so far, you may be surprised.

I have taken a break from laser hair removal. The last place I invested time in, shut down abruptly and I have yet to find a suitable long term replacement, one that I find reputable at a price I can afford. So with that, and no longer willing to invest in the tedious time it takes to pluck and tweeze myself, I have sought out waxing for that smooth down their feeling. A service most women seek during the summer, to save them from a stray curly getting loose from under a skimpy swimsuit bottom. And ask any woman, we all know you don’t get that smooth from shaving. Plus, we don’t shave there to avoid the itchy ingrown and growing in feeling a week after. To have new hair grow back and feeling the need to itch and scratch in an unladylike manner. Been there, done that, and it ain’t pretty. The convenience of a quick shave is not worth any of that hassle.


When looking for delicate services such as a this, I tend to trust chains. I feel chain shops have to be somewhat decent in order to have multiple locations to serve the public’s growing interest in them. And they must have enough financing to have multiple retail stores stocked with the proper equipment. Meaning no corners cut and no abrupt closures. After all you don’t want to chance it when it comes to having anything to do with down there. A couple of dollars saved is not worth a rash for a month. I always consider my return when I make an investment. And when it comes to my own welfare or potential risk, I don’t think I should have to settle for anything or gamble on a chance.

I made an appointment online. Such services hardly except walk-ins. Plus, once you find a technician you like, you tend to stay with that same person. One more and many less people needing to see your privates that way.


“Stripped”, the name is catchy, and their logo is cute. The cleanliness of the space and the decor put me at ease. Dust free in bright white, it has that sterile spa feel to it. The establishment seemed very well maintained. My “va jay jay” would be in safe hands here. “Va jay jay”, the cutesy term they used for a woman’s under carriage. Though they also specialized in waxing other body parts, and conducting other services. Though the “va jay jay” was clearly their specialty. They sold the sprays, cleansers, perfumes, and undergarments, all in honour this a part.

I didn’t know one could or would want to wax so many other parts. Their service menu was a list of body parts for women and men. Upper lip, chin, brows, full face, under arms, arms, stomach, back, Derrière; nothing was off the table. For the men, the list was similar, but instead of “bikini” it was “speedo”. It wasn’t a Brazilian but a “manzillian”. I was learning so much new vocabulary just by reading their offers. They even had an option to wax it all for $240 for men and $170 for women. Obviously, larger surface area, more hair, higher the cost.


I considered get my “va jay jay” bejewelled with their Swarovski elements. I am a sucker for that bling. A star, a heart, or maybe an anchor or a butterfly. But in general that seems unnecessary. Those who visit would be happy with the admittance, and truly only I would enjoy the glitter. Plus if you are going to splurge that feels more like a fancy occasion indulgence. Maybe the first time staying over at a new boyfriend’s place kind of thing, or maybe to be used as an anniversary prop. 

If it is your first time visiting you sign a waiver. Your standard I am not pregnant nor am on any drugs, my skin is ok, and I consent to what I have requested you to do. And here is my name and basic information to prove it. 


When time, one of the girls brings you to the back. Here you are given time to freshen up with wet wipes. They ask for a front and back clean up job. You then disrobe waist down and prop yourself onto their work bench. A purple cushioned bench, similar to that of a doctor’s examining table. This one too had the ability to adjust the height, but no stir ups.

Today my specialist was this nice younger girl. I explained all my anxieties and she quelled my concerns. She has seen them all and seeing a new vagina is nothing out of the ordinary to her. Her friendly nature made the process less painful, despite having my hair ripped out violently by the roots, from a more sensitive part of my body. She made small talk to put me at ease. Though all her calming words didn’t stop me from sweating and turning red. I was embarrassed, I apologized a lot. So much sweat dripped off of me that it actually bled through the paper covering that they lay on the bench for sanitary reasons. An embarrassment I had to face when I was later asked to flip over. An embarrassment she saved by laying another hand towel under my stomach and pelvis. No judgement here. It was nice not to be judged by such a pretty girl. 


Waxing is available in hard and soft wax. The former is for sensitive skin and costs more as a result. Given the thinness of my hair and the minimal amount of it, I was best to stick with the standard soft wax. 

Though first things first, accessing your hair. With gloves on she sanitizes your mound. A few quick strokes of an anti fugal oil that acts as a moisturizer (or at least that is what I think I recalled). A test strip is then done to determine effectiveness. Given my situation I signed a waiver that 5-10% of my hair would remain as I had hair at various stages of growth. A situation caused by pervious laser hair removal treatments that never took and tweezing myself over three weeks ago. (They at least need 3-4 weeks of hair growth in order to wax). She had me sit up to point to and see what she was talking about. I have never had someone analyze my pubic hair with me. An interesting experience to say the least. This was work, she wasn’t phased by another new vagina. 


Once I signed and dated her waiver she went to work quick. With both my legs bowed, my back flat I was told to relax. Not sure how that is possible given the position and it being done on a table. She globed on warm wax and applied a cloth strip over it. With a few rubs to ensure it would pick up every hair and all the wax possible, she pulled without warning. One hand holding down my body and keeping the skin around the area she was working on taunt. Her not doing so would result in popped blood vessels, dark dots at the base of every hair root. I speak from experience, after my first attempt of at home waxing gone wrong. Luckily it was my legs.

As promised, a few of the stray hairs were left standing after the pull of a wax strip, she caught each with a set of tweezers. Tweezing hurt less to have her do it, than me doing it for myself, though I just could have been numb. Before I knew it she was done and asking me to flip over. Yes a Brazilian includes hair removal at the back end. Though I am proud to say she didn’t have much work to do back there. And those were her own words. I don’t know what was worse being belly up and able to watch her tinker, or facing the door and leaving it all to feel. But like I said it didn’t last long and she soon had a towel over my bum telling me after care tips. It was nice that she maintained my modesty whenever she had the chance. I was never unnecessarily exposed.


No swimming, tanning, or exercising for 24 hours. No problem, I don’t do 2 out of the 3, hell I struggled to spell “exercise”. Given the thinness of my hair she recommend that I visit her after 6 weeks, as it would allow for more even growth. She assured me that even if I had hair grow back soon, that it would not be noticeable. I guess it depends on who is looking, I did have to consider that bikini season was fast approaching. She gave me time to redress and to meet her out side to pay. You do this with the receptionist at the front. My file was created, I would be back to see her.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
I will definitely be incorporating this into my routine. Waxing was quicker than having me doing it myself with a pair of tweezers, and far less painful. And at under $50 for weeks of smoothness and none of the hassle, I deem it worth my drive down and my hard earned money. And apparently the more you wax, the less the hair grows back, and eventually you get the results of laser without the pain, heavy cost, and need to upkeep.
1016 Mainland Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 1A9