Korean style shaved ice was the dessert trend of 2016, and it continues into the beginning of 2017, even despite the snow and cold Vancouverites saw.

There are actually two new Korean shaved ice restaurants that have open across the street from Metrotown Mall this year. This just so happens to be the one we past by first.


Although the colourful banners were eye catching enough to lure anyone passing by in. The bold colours of their fruit topped toast, shaved ice, and flavoured drink against a black background. I found myself revisiting them after I had already entered, as they made better menus to order off of, than the tiny print displayed across the two flat screen televisions by the service counter.


Inside it was a simple cafe. The walls were kept relatively plain. White paint with the restaurant’s name in lettering, and a shelf home to some plastic green plants in mugs. Down the length of the restaurant hung photographs of a few of their menu items printed out on canvas.


But what was most striking was the counter showcase of fake food. Each variety of snow milk and lava bread represented in plastic realism. It certainly helped those who are visual diners like myself. It gave me the ability to order with reassurance. You make your choice and pay for it at the counter. And when ready it is delivered to you, at the table you claim. Each dish was brought over on a wooden tray with enough utensils for both my guest and I. I especially liked the gold of the spoons presented with the dessert below.


I might have chosen the wrong guest to visit this one with. Today my plus one has milk allergies and everything on the menu featured milk or cream in some way or form. Although he had his fill and came out walking away just fine.


We got the small size of the “yogurt berry milk snow”. Frozen berries placed with precision over a mound of milk flavoured snow, topped with a condense milk drizzle. The first bites were the best with all the sweetness of the topping. After, it was just a milk slushie. A small container of condense milk to use at your own discretion would have been nice. I guess we could have also asked for more too.


To warm up with, we ordered one of their toasted bread desserts. They had two varieties that we asked for clarification on. The “Injeolmi toast” featured Korean style rice cake and powder and the “lava bread” was the combination of sweet bread and even sweeter custard.


We got the latter, and little did we know, it’s name would be literal. There was “lava” in the form of chocolate at the centre of our “choco banana lava toast” block. Cutting into it caused a river of chocolate milk and melted vanilla ice cream to come pouring out. This pool made it easy to dip the toasted bread, in order to sop up the excess liquid and flavour the toast. There was also an extra drizzle of chocolate sauce over top, and some banana slices to add complexity to the dish where bread and ice cream was too simple. This was my favourite of the two, but maybe only because the day wasn’t warm enough to enjoy the former without a down coat on.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
I definitely recommend them more as a cafe for a hot day. Refreshing drinks and melted creams to help cool you down. Don’t deny your cravings.


4697 Kingsway, Burnaby BC, V5H 2B3
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