In continuing our quest to attend as many conventions as possible this year, my girl friend and I found ourselves at the “Taboo: Naughty but Nice Sex Show”. We strolled in around mid day, not wanting to be too eager right when they open at 1pm.

It has been years since my original visit, so I walked in expecting what I could recall from memory; especially as it was held at the old convention centre today, as it was back then. An open space where guests were able to get up close to products, try things out when possible, ask questions to vendors, and take what they liked home, after. The sprawling space was kept warm, and the air heavy and hot. The temperature meant to keep those who decided to dress with less warm, with coat check outside for everyone else.

Tickets are reasonable at $20 an entry at the door, or $5 less if you purchase ahead of time. It includes a goodie bag of flyers and adverts, with admission and the ability to spectate several seminars, live shows, and work shops all throughout the day. All on top of getting handsy and up close and personal with a lot of product. An opportunity many might not get to do, or feel comfortable doing at their local sex shop or even specialty grocery store. But this assortment didn’t just include lingerie, restraints, lube, or vibration devices. Tables and makeshift stalls to browse through also included plenty of fashion jewelry, cosplay animal ears, boudoir opportunity, lotions and body scrubs, hand made soaps with sexually suggestive names, candles that doubles as body wax, and a slew of clothes from lounge pieces to bodices covered in crystal.

There was a lot more to see across the whole convention space, although at the same time after a couple of laps, one phallic representation does end up looking like any another. The following are a few of the highlights through photos.

Declare your sugar baby status or your daddy issues with merchandise that is easy to read across your chest or panties.

Meet the latest life-like sex dolls with both male and female anatomy. You can look but don’t touch, a point I didn’t realize until writing this post and looking back at my photos.

There was no shortage in penial shaped treats. Sugar cookies, ring pops, and even a bouquet of them to suck on. I was most enamoured by the artistry of “Punk Rock Pastries”. At their booth you can purchase vagina or penis cookies, browsing the entire collection until you found ones with the skin tone, veins, and shape that appeals to you the most. They also hand bondage bread men, cookies of your favourite sexual position (doggy style), and even whole cakes topped with your favourite sexual anatomy piece.

Feeling over stimulated? Catch your breath at the oxygen bar.

Need to take a seat? Live classes taught those interested how to bind your partner and penetrate her, with rope and full nudity. Others taught females how to ejaculate/squirt. Or go for something light hearted with a stage show hosted by a drag queen with full audience participation and prizes. She had couples give each other lap dances, and tested individuals on the spot by asking for their orgasm faces and voices.

Guests could also test their agility and stamina on poles or hoops suspended in the air. Or dare to enter the truck advertising free candy and getting a little more. At the latter, we were able to test our might through a little whipping. Laying face down, ass up we had two ladies take turns flogging our backside with a multiple tasseled leather whip. (This will be the most action I get in a while.)

And best of all, alcohol is served with multiple bars at the side of the room. Wine, beer, or cocktails; anything to help nervous ticket holders relax and get into things. Although all in all it is a very free and open space. Several men and women came dressed in their best attire with no judgement or double takes from anyone. Corsets, stockings, pasties, and ball gags. There was even a lone furry wandering the crowd.

In summary, a great expo for those wanting to expand their sexual repertoire, or learn how to spice things up in a current relationship one week before Valentine’s Day. With plenty to see and learn you can easily spent a day there. No need to be shy!