With no end in sight to our new pandemic reality, more and more restaurants are starting to reopen and offer take out. Perfect timing considering families are less excited about cooking for themselves, and then eating together, after spending the entire day together, at home. So when restaurants like Tacomio offers up family share style meals, it is a reprieve. A change in the day to day, and the ability to not have to cook or clean up after.

Their 2 other locations in North Vancouver and at UBC have now shuttered, leaving only their pick up window in Strathcona open and ready for takeout. Today I picked up their “Mexican Family Menu” for, 4 and took it to the beach for a picnic. The set came packed in a box, labelled with a card explaining who packed it and at what time. Each element is individually packed in styrofoam, all for you to uncover and assemble as you see fit.

The sides and toppings are predetermined, but you do have your choice of fillings. Any 3 from a list of 7; of which are 3 different vegetable options, for those who are vegan or vegetarian. These are the roasted cauliflower, roasted bell peppers, and beans.

I had one of the two chicken options, the spiciest of the two: the “a la diabla”, with arbol chilli sauce, shaved cabbage, fresh pico de gallo, and cilantro. All of the above is divided into their own individual containers, so you can further customize, leaving out the chilli sauce completely, so should you choose to. I just wished that the chicken meat was shredded thinly, much like the “carnitas” (pork) was in its sour orange confit. The meat was tender and well flavoured, but surprisingly the filling I liked the most was the roasted cauliflower with its chipotle hummus, shredded cabbage, cilantro, and lemon vinaigrette dressing. A nice firm crunch that added a great texture to my taco, as well as a smokey pronounced flavour.

The uniform toppings for all the orders are a mild, medium, and spicy salsa, refried beans, seasoned rice, pickled vegetables, red onion, and jalapeños; all to be loaded and folded in a corn tortilla. Of which you get plenty, stacked high and kept warm in tin foil. For those sharing there are enough for your party of 4 to have 4-5. If dining alone you can double up on your soft taco shell to ensure it doesn’t break through as you bite in. Each tasted exactly as you filled it. So the fun is in trying each element and combining it fun pairings.

Of this set, I especially liked the sides. The two types of handheld snacks offered a break between tacos and something to crunch on as you crafted. The thick corn chips were a familiar classic, but the frituras were the ones worth noting. They looked like bicycle wheels and ate like crispy foam, in a good way. Light and airy, it was a great texture to chewy through. The taste: slightly salty, but nothing that lingered.

And if you are thirsty, be sure to grab their new vegan horchata made with coconut milk. A tasty and creamy beverage to help wick away the heat, or a treat to end your meal on like dessert.

In short, Tacomio takes the work out of taco Tuesday! Not only was this a delicious meal, but a fun activity all in one. A great way to get the family together, and doing something different. And when we are all stuck indoors all day, this is a great treat any way you look at it.

Tacomio Pick Up Window
1245 Glen Dr, Vancouver, BC V6A 3M8
(778) 868-7041