This was a Donnelly Group restaurant, I knew what to expect going in. We weren’t looking for a great meal, we just wanted to take advantage of happy hour, so this was as good an option as any.


The restaurant was on the second floor and required a climb up an ascending staircase to get there. The flags jutting out from the building exterior marked the spot, in case you missed it. The room was expansive with two different bars and plenty of areas for mingling and more for sitting. There weren’t any obstructive decor elements, just some really unique features. Like a row of lamps that drew a line down a lengthy share style table. They looked like miniature street lamps, each with its own two set of studded faux leather arm chairs on either side.


The main bar combined modern and traditional for a sleek look. Rounded counters and golden bag hooks lit from below. Neatly stacked glassware and parallel taps reflected the light from two television sets. It was just the right amount of dim, to allow for un-remorseful day drinking without shame.


We chose a quite section where the main bar wrapped around. Here the light fixture was in the shape of a star. An octopus with eight arms jutting out and each, ending in a bulb. The area was also equipped with a full sized pool table. We went to a corner and grabbed seats at a step up booth and adjacent high chair. The wall next to us used a map as wallpaper. On the wall, portrait after portrait in frames. Faces from different eras captured in different times.  I really liked the layout of the place the most. The way the seats diversified around the room and the energy that surround them. I would come back and recommend it just for the above.


Happy hour at “The Blackbird” meant $5 wines, beers, and highballs. And seeing as today was also Tuesday, and there were $2 beers on special. We went with wine to pair with our pizza below.


“Funghi pizza” with marinated wild mushrooms, shallots, garlic confit, spinach, goat cheese, and basil. The pizza crust was average, the toppings were what made it stand out. I could have done without the large sections of shallots, but appreciated the whole cloves of roasted garlic. Partnered with the salty goat cheese it was the right kind of richness to partner with drinking.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – No.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
I am still doubtful of the food, having dined at other Donnelly group projects and being disappointed. But here, the setting is what will bring me back on a return trip. Then, I would like another go at the bar menu before I make a comprehensive decision on the place. Not o mention, we really didn’t explore the seafood aspect of their name. Don’t deny your cravings.


905 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver BC, V6C 1A8
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