Looking for a spot before dinner, local food blogger @pickydiner and I found ourselves at a local bar on Hastings. Being a gin enthusiast, he has always wanted to visit this gin focused bar, so given that our restaurant reservations were a few blocks away, today was the day.

The decor was cozy with loungers and sofas accented with mirrors, for a modern Alice in Wonderland feel. We sat in one of these nooks, but the bar facing their collection of over 65 different gin bottles is where I would have preferred.

Seeing as they specialize in the stuff, we took the opportunity to build our own gin & tonic choosing our preferred gin, flavoured tonic, and garnishes. We both went for an ounce from a local BC distillery, over an international label.

@PickyDiner went with a hibiscus theme which came out with a more fruity berry flavour, than the florally one expected. The Tofino rose hibiscus gin with Barker and Quin’s tonic water in hibiscus, garnishing it with dried hibiscus flowers, mint, and lime. The gin is already over ice, within a handsome glass goblet. You then pour the tonic over it all yourself, choosing how much you want to add in. Here, I realize you are basically paying for reach individual item: the shot of gin and the bottle of tonic.

I went less sweet and more savoury with the Fermentorium Stump gin with cedar notes. Then pairing it with the Barker and Quin’s marula tonic water. Marula is a South African fruit similar to yuzu (that I learned on this day). And to finish, my garnishes were rosemary and lemon. I preferred my creating? liking how refreshing it came out.

And because I have never heard of pairing gin with charcuterie, let alone a bar dedicated to the pairing, we had to try one of their boards. But since this was the drink before dinner, we kept it light with their intro board, meant for 1, but enough for 2. 2 meats, 1 soft cheese, 1 hard cheese, and accoutrements: salty, nuts, fruit, crostini, focaccia. It was a nice mix to graze and nibble on as your chat and sip.

Overall, I really liked the idea and energy of the bar. Laidback, yet still a little dressy. A nice place to chill and one I would frequent if it was walking distance from my home.

The Blind Rabbit
2531 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z210
(604) 423-9463