The Douglas, Autograph Collection Hotel Stay & Parq Experience

On this weekend I was invited for a one night stay at one of the new luxurious hotels attached to Parq. “Parq”, is a “new international entertainment destination, located in downtown Vancouver, next to the BC Place Stadium”. It promises “everything in one place” and it delivers on that, making it one of my favourite destinations. One of my favourite places to gravitate towards anytime I want to drink, or we don’t know where else to go. This one building offers six different food and drinking destinations; and as a foodie with a wide variety of tastes, this is very alluring.



During this weekend it offered us 24 hours of fun without having to leave the warmth and comfort of its 6 floors. For my vlog of our “Day at the Parq”, visit my YouTube channel: MaggiMei for my latest video.

Be warned parking is a little on the pricier side. An over night stay will cost you $40 for the convenience of going from your suite to the parking lot with the push of a button, but at least there are electric charging stations available and plugging in is free.

We started by wheeling our luggage up to the 6th floor and checking in for the night. This included a ride in one of the glitziest elevators I have ever ridden. Its lights and mirror make for a perfect selfie.

The hotel’s name speaks to its theme: “A balanced dialogue of nature and city”. There was a parallel between each room and the nature within and around it, just as we were soon to find out from our 11th floor suite. We were given the “standard city view”. Our guest room featured one king bed, a leather bench seat, and a work station; partnered with views of the city. The city view gave you a honest look at our expanding city, surrounded by skyscrapers above and on going construction below.

Importantly, the firm bed and the crisp sheets gave me one of the best sleeps I have had in a while. It made me realize all the back pains I currently have are due to my Ikea futon. We would spend majority of our night on this beauty, taking advantage of its comfort and proximity to a television.

I was thrilled to have the television programmed with a personalized greeting. Welcoming me and allowing me to log into my Netflix account with ease. I just wished that the wi-fi was free for those spending to stay a night.

And sadly there wasn’t a mini fridge, but there was a healthy selection of local wines and spirits included, and available for purchase on the desk. It came set on a tray, along with some local snacks and chocolates as well. Most interesting was the bottle of small batch Douglas Fir Gin by “Yaletown Distilling Co.”. This was brewed exclusively for “The Douglas”, and is only available by the bottle with your hotel stay, otherwise you can taste it in several cocktails offered at the various bars of “Parq”.

The washroom was most memorable, or should I say, the shower stall was. It had a peak-a-boo glass window that gave you a look into the bedroom. Or was this a view from them bedroom into the shower? I guess if you are staying at the hotel alone it serves as a long distance look of your windowed video from the bath; or if you are here for a romantic getaway, the precursor to some sexy times. For the record, there is the option to draw the blind down from some privacy either way. Like the “bar” the washroom is also outfitted with some local BC based goods. Here Aesop’s line of skin, hair, and body care formulations were available for use in the shower and by the sink.

If your next vacation is 10,000 days, 10,000km or $10,000 away, I suggest treating yourself to a say-cation at a fraction of the cost, with the connivence of time and distance on your side. There is sometime so indulgent about spending the night at a hotel, distancing yourself from your life for a day and night. And “The Douglas” is certainly one of the nicest hotels in downtown Vancouver to do just that at. Not to mention all the bars, restaurants, and casino available to you during your stay. I didn’t get to visit them all during my 24 hours there, but here are a few that I did get to visit and blog about.


D6 Lounge/Bar, at The Douglas



BC Kitchen, at Parq



The Victor, at Parq



Honey Salt, at Parq


45 Smithe Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 0R3