I was gifted a Keg gift card, so figured the best way to maximize its sum was to visit during Dine Out Vancouver. “Dine Out” is the food focused event that invites patrons in to local restaurants to try their menus, for less. At The Keg it is 3 courses for $50. I came with a bubble buddy so was able to try both appetizer and dessert options, and 2/4 of the available entrees.

We visited during happy hour so indulged in a $6 1oz spicy and salty caesar and a glass of their house red on tap.

The Keg Caesar was pretty standard, your classic shredded romaine lettuce tossed with aged Parmesan cheese and the Keg’s creamy dressing. It could have used some bacon for texture and salty contrast.

I would recommend the Wild Mushroom Soup out of the two. This was a cream based broth with additional sour cream that you stirred in. It was a very hearty soup with plenty of large mushroom slices hidden within. It was very earthy, when I could have used more cream.

Oddly, we all preferred the complimentary loaf of warm bread and churned butter more as an appetizer. So much so that we filled up prematurely on second servings.

For entrees we skipped the pistachio crusted salmon and went for steak, considering this was The Keg. We also passed on the New York striploin for the Sirloin and Lobster Tail combination instead. This was a 6oz top sirloin accompanied by heirloom carrots, and an Atlantic lobster tail with plenty of melted butter. Plus your choice of side. The sides are all potato friendly options: fries, mashed, or twice baked. Here, the latter was a great pairing. With it, this was the right amount of food, all well prepared and harmonious with plenty of flavour.

If you are extra hungry, I suggest ordering the Prime Rib meal instead. A 14oz slab of red meat partnered with horseradish and a red wine au jus that you can adjust the amount of to your preference. Here, the mashed potato was the perfect accompaniment, as there was plenty of jus to drizzle over the fluffy mound of potato purée as well as prime rib. And the horseradish was a great way to kick up the flavour, adding contrast and interest.

For dessert, my pick is the popular Billy Miner Pie, for taste and size. This is a mocha ice cream cake on a chocolate crust, topped with hot fudge, caramel. and almonds slivers. A solid ice cream cake made less sweet with the hint of coffee. I especially liked the crumble crust and the crispy almonds for the texture they provided.

The other option is their cheesecake. A thick and creamy cheese with a cherry sauce that included whole cherries. I liked the butter in the graham cracker crust. But couldn’t get past being able to make out the texture of the coarse sugar within the cheese mixture. It was a graininess I was not partial too. Whereas the tart cherries were delightful in the contrast they provided, balancing out the sweetness.

This was a meal where you get what you expected, and leave with leftovers.

1499 Anderson St Granville Island, Vancouver BC, V6H 3R5