Myself and a handful of media/influencers were invited to “The Keg” in Yaletown to try their “Taste of Yaletown” menu. This is a $45 per person menu available from October 11 to the 27th. It offers diners an appetizer, entree, and dessert at a set price. You can immediately see the value in this offer. Their steaks average to about $25 to $35, and for $10 more, you can get two more dishes for a complete meal. And their choices aren’t cheap substitutes, but actual items available for order from their regular menu, at the same size and quality you would pay full price for.

Before we get any further, as always, when it comes to a media tasting: plating and portion size may be gussied up and/or paired down, and the service will usually be top notch. Though I can at least paint you the most accurate image when it comes to the food and the setting, as how I interpret it. But as always, these are my opinions and you need not take them as fact. Unless you have my exact background, have lived my exact experiences, and we possess the same tongue; no one can truly taste and appreciate as you do.

“The Keg” is a staple when it comes to steak. The chain you think of for an affordable meal that is a cut above. The location in Yaletown has two floors to serve their customers. With plenty of space for larger parties, such as ourselves. We were given a booth on the top floor, combining several four tops to make our one. Then after a couple glasses of wine, we jumped right in to the “Taste or Yaletown” menu.

The first course had you choosing between salad, soup, or shrimp.

The “Keg Caesar” is a staple with romaine lettuce, aged Parmesan cheese, and plenty of the the Keg’s creamy dressing to thoroughly coat every crisp leaf. However I am a bang for your buck kind of girl, so prefer something heartier.

The “Wild Mushroom Soup” is popular lunch time special that has found its place on this limited edition menu. The serving was tangy, whereas I was left wanting more cream from a mushroom soup. There was lots of chunky onion and mushroom slices for texture, making it a meaty appetizer.

My first course vote goes to their “Baked Garlic Shrimp” an obviously popular dish bringing together juicy shrimp, zesty garlic, and fragrant herbs; making it the perfect dip for the sweet buttered bun that came with it as a side.

The second course was steak-heavy, living up to the “Keg’s” reputation. Three different cuts and a fish for those looking for something leaner.

I liked the thicker cut of the “Sirloin Oscar” the most. This was a juicy 8oz steak topped decadently with with shrimp, scallops, and asparagus, in a creamy béarnaise sauce. There was just so much to offer on this plate, including a whipped creamy baked potato to keep you interested from first bite to last.

The “Prime Rib” was noted as their “flagship product” prepared in limited quantities nightly. Ideal for those who like their steak fattier and in larger quantities at 14oz. It is prepared in a lovely red wine jus with tangy horseradish and flavourful garlic mashed potato for a balanced bite.

The “Peppercorn New York” is a classic with plenty of spice, a very specific flavour for those who like peppery bites. This 12oz crusted striploin came with steamed seasonal vegetables and a little jug of whiskey sauce for the whole baked potato to swim in.

And as I mentioned earlier, if you didn’t want a steak, despite this being the restaurant you go to for a reasonable priced cut of meat, they have chicken and our server’s favourite a “Pistachio crusted salmon”. Like the steaks before, this came with plenty of side for a complete serving. Garlic mashed potatoes, bacon sautéed Brussels sprouts, and maple butter. The fish was light and flakey, and given new life with the crunchy nut crust. An interesting and tasty twist.

For dessert they offered up the classic thick and creamy New York style cheesecake, topped with a bing cherry fruit and syrup.

My favourite was the “Billy Miner Pie”, another classic “Keg” favourite. Mocha ice cream on a chocolate cookie crust, drizzled over with hot fudge, caramel and almonds. It had everything I liked: not overly sweet ice cream, a crumbly cookie crust, and nuts for crunch.

If you don’t like sweets, you don’t need to miss out on a full three courses, they have a “Spanish Coffee” that you can choose instead. Warm coffee coffee spiked with brandy, sweetened with dark cacao, and made creamier with whipped cream.

Overall a great menu with plenty of value and the one I’d recommend taking advantage of, if you only get to pick one.

Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
Consistently a standout place for steak. You walk in and know what to expect and they deliver.
Don’t deny your cravings.

1011 Mainland Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 5P9
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