Myself and group of 4 other food lovers and food writers were visiting Seattle for the day. We planned to maximize our time and our restaurant visits by spending the night. Given the theme of our travel and the common interest of the group, we made “The Maxwell” our hotel of choice. It is better known as the “pineapple hotel” given its heavy use of the fruit as decoration.

The spiny yellow fruit found its way in many of the decor pieces, whether recreated in tile on the exterior, as a mosaic in the foyer, or simply sitting atop of a table to be admired.

In general the hotel was fun, delivering on the hotel’s mantra and belief that “pineapples are sweet and yellow makes people happy”. Which included many features unique to this property. Each elevator had a game to play. Either spinning blocks that have you crafting random sentences, or one of those push panel puzzles that have you trying to move sections into place to form a picture.

I liked the virtual reality projector that turned your head into either a pinapple or that of their doggie mascot on a large screen. Be warned, only 4 can play at any given time.

We decided to do our overnight stay sleep over style, sharing two beds, and one pull out between 5, all in one room. Truly putting our friendship to the test. However all was not as planned. The advert on the website said the beds were queen-sized. However it was only the headboard that was, and we ended up sleeping a lot closer to one another than intended (especially for our first time).

And our pullout couch was not cleaned. Removing the seats and pulling the futon out yielded used napkins and a cheese string wrapper. The clerk was quick to apologize when we requested room service, and a housekeeper was quick to come by to tidy. However, I couldn’t feel at ease in our room after this discovery. The rest of the room looked fine, but how would I know for sure? It would have been nice to be given another room by the hotel for piece of mind. It is like when you find a hair in your food, they take back the whole plate and make you another from scratch. They just don’t scoop out the strand and give it back to you.

Other than that the stay was good. We were able to each get our own yellow robes. We enjoyed cuddles with their in hotel plush mascot (available for you to take home at a price), and took in the modern aesthetics of our boutique hotel room.

Pineapples on our pillows, pineapples on the throws, a pineapple shaped multi port USB charger, and pineapple cups to drink our pineapple branded coffee pods from. Even the extra roll of toilet paper in the washroom was wrapped in coloured tissue paper meant to resemble a pineapple.

And although the push pump dispenser of soap, body wash, shampoo, and lotion by the washroom sink and in the open shower stall weren’t scented as pineapple; their “exotic coral” flavour gave you a similar tropical feel.

We didn’t get much of a view in our third floor suite. The Space Needle was visible in the distance, but obscured behind black electric cables. But we wouldn’t be in our room all that long anyways, we definitely maximize learning our foodie field trip.

We did check out the hotel’s complimentary happy hour. A help yourself counter of pineapple flavoured water and pineapple shaped sugar cookies to snack on.

No alcoholic beverages at this happy hour, but you can get your fix at their lobby bar, the “Pineapple bistro + bar”. I suggest their signature cocktail the “pineapple express”, made with buffalo trace bourbon, caramelized pineapple purée, whiskey butters, club soda, and amarena cherries. With plenty of room to enjoy it in, across the lobby seating area.

We didn’t have the time, but as guests you are able to take one of their yellow bicycles for a ride or borrow one of their giant yellow umbrellas should it rain.

In summary this was a fun stay at a unique property. For those who love pineapples and some charm in their hotels, this one is for you.

300 Roy St, Seattle, WA 98109, United States
+1 877-298-9728