It’s been a while since my first and my last visit to “The Ramen Butcher”. The only thing holding me back is the travel time and the wait you expect, as they don’t take reservations. So after this latest visit, it all came back to me as to why I liked them so much. Simply put: they have good ramen.

To check out my origin review and read a little more on their decor that really hasn’t changed, click the link below.

The Ramen Butcher


The menu is pretty much the same, because why mess with a good thing? You still pick your ramen based on colour, although don’t take it literally like it did, unless you want to be disappointed.

Two of my dining companions went for their “Black garlic ramen” with roasted garlic oil. A popular choice full of flavour. With it you can choose your meat between lean or fat. And if you can’t get half half, which is a piece of each. Although one slice is just as tender as the other, and the “fat” slice just has a bit more gristle at its end.

Another guest got the “Red spicy ramen”, another fan favourite with a little or a lot of heat, depending on your presence. You get to choose your own adventure between three levels of spiciness, here, he went two. This too comes with garlic paste for that extra punch of flavour.

I had the “Orange Miso” only because it sounded unique. Miso marinated ground pork that actually isn’t orange in colour. But the paste that flavours it sort of is. It had a rich taste that went nicely with the chewy thin noodles. These are some of my favourite ramen noodles. I liked the thinner strands and the chewier consistency.

Although these bowls may look like a smaller portion size, the reality is you can make it double at no additional cost. If you slurp up all your noodles and are left with some excess broth, you can refill them. The first noodle refill is free, and I believe “The Ramen Butcher” is the only restaurant to offer this. A little side bowl of extra noodles to elongate your meal and your time with. This goes for any ramen dish, except for their signature “tsukemen”. If you want additional noodles for it, it is then $1.75, which is still a good deal. “Tsukemen” is the ramen served chilled and separate from its broth. Ideal for hot summer days, when you still want the taste of ramen. So by dipping noodle into sauce and then shovelling it into your mouth, you are decreasing how hot the noodle get and how much broth they soak up. Therefore you always end up with more soup than noodles.

I like it when I get to revisit and review only to find that what I said originally still holds true. There is no wonder why they are still standing and still seeing the traffic they do today, even with the same menu. Although they also have rotating specials. Like this Street Fighter mock up, featuring two different chasu dons “battling”. The suggestion is that you try both and vote for your favourite to win. It was such an eye catching advert, that it certainly had me reassessing whether I could finish a bowl of noodles with a side of rice.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
Even after 4 years, this is/was still good ramen. Worth travelling to and worth waiting in line for. Luckily the latter flows fast as the ramen is made to order and served quick. Don’t deny your cravings.


223 E Georgia St, Vancouver BC, V6A 1Z6