Tonight we were dining at “The Victor” in celebration on my girl friend’s birthday. I have been once before and knew she would be in for a treat.

For more details on the decor and the setting, and for my first visit to this steakhouse and seafood restaurant at “The Parq”, visit the link below.

The Victor, at Parq


My request for the well lit booth was granted. Our group of three shared a comfy green leather lined booth. Our seats faced the wine bar with special refrigerator for keeping bottles chilled, and a carafe counter that centred it. It was a lovely perch to take in the room, an open space that felt like a giant study with dark brown furniture, desk lamps, and stacks of books for decoration.

We began our dinner with a bottle of Prosecco to share. Our attentive server made sure that each of our champagne flutes were never more than half empty. And two of the managers even took the time to introduce themselves and inquire about our comfort. We felt very welcomed and were even invited back on a later date. I would do them one better and come back for brunch the next morning. More on that below.

To start we were treated to the best complimentary order of bread I have ever had. This is Japanese milk bread, topped with onion and guyere cheese, served with whipped butter and fresh salt. The bread was fluffy and light, with the consistency of cake. I could have eaten the loaf as is, it was so fragrant with the zesty onion and salty cheese. And even better with the creamy butter. This was a great tell of the plates we were to shared, to come.

“Yellow tail collar”. Togarashi spiced hamachi with radish salad and lemon and lime zest, served with a small bottle of ponzu dressing for you to flavour as you desired. The fish was well seasoned and well balanced by the citrus and the salty sweet sauce. I only wish we had this first, as compared to everything else it was not as punchy in flavour.

The “Dungeoness crab cake” looked like a stuffed macaron. A mound of fresh crab in cream sandwiched between two crispy fried breaded discs. The side salad of sea bean and fennel was great in adding freshness and the vadouvan-spiced curry aioli was helpful in injecting some kick. The only other thing I wanted was more crunch and a base to eat the crab with, for a heartier morsel.

During my last meal at “The Victor” a fellow food blogger recommended the “Triple cooked fries with truffle and chive aioli”, I didn’t get them then so made sure to do so now. They were the largest fries I ever had. Each spear was very crispy on the outside and moist like a firm mashed potato on the inside. They were tasty enough, but I really couldn’t tell by trying that these were tripled fried. Served with ketchup and a garlic aioli, but best dipped into both.

Seeing the “Onion ring stack” get served to another table, my guest had to order one for us. They had the triple fried crunch and texture I expected from the fries above. Pretzel crusted onion rings with a mustard sauce. They had the crunch of a good fried chicken with its thick and chunky breading. The mustard offered up tang with vinegar. This was one of the most dressed up version of onion rings I have had, and is better cause of it.

Given how much we had above, we decided to share one of their steaks. We went for the “Snake River Farm’s wagyu ribeye”. Our server described it as a a hybrid between the American angus and the Japanese wagyu, and they cut it into strips for our easy sharing. My guest found it under seasoned and I found the ends a little too fatty for my tastes. But at least it was cooked well and the side offered some contrast. Sadly this was the item we were least impressed by.

For dessert we shared their creme burlee doughnuts topped with maple syrup flavoured cotton candy, dusted with edible gold flakes. We requested it made festive for a birthday and it came with sparklers, candles and “happy birthday” written in milk chocolate on a white chocolate plate. I have had these before and they were better than I remembered. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the actual doughnuts, but you can check them out in my previous post. These doughy balls were filled with luscious cream on the inside and torched with sugar for a shattering crunch on the outside. They were exactly what you’d imagine a creme burlee doughnut hole to be. And the maple syrup cotton candy exactly what you wanted from a solid maple syrup flavour that melted in your mouth. This is definitely a great tasting, one of a kind desert.

After this we were far too full to have anymore. But as I mentioned before, we found our way back next day. Only on Sundays “The Victor” offers brunch and besides having seafood towers and steaks for breakfast, they also offer dim sum and your favourite egg centric dishes.

They also offer table side Moscow mules made before your very eyes, on their travel ready cart.

And a collection of candy and fresh baked goods for you to help yourself to by the entrance. A tree of lollipops, a fishbowl of mini gum balls, caramels, mints, wine gummies, and a tower of cakey treats.

But today I was here for their build your own Caesar bar. A set up that lined their bar in stations. Their bartender walked you through the process upon order.

First you pick your vodka between five bottles chilled on ice. I went for the one I was most familiar with, “Belvedere” and got it as a single for $10. She pours this into a shot glass for you.

Next you choose the rim you wanted between the more common celery salt, a bbq spice rub, coarse salt, chilli pepper, and togarashi. I went with the later as I have never had a Caesar with this common Japanese spice mixture containing red chilli pepper, Japanese pepper, roasted orange peel, black sesame seed, white sesame seed, hemp seed, ground ginger, poppy seed, and dried seaweed flakes.

After rimming your chosen glass with lime and the seasonings of your choice, the bartender fills it with ice. She the hands the glass back to you and the shot of vodka from before, for you to pour the latter into the former.

From here you move on to the drink base. Four different tomato based juices on ice. Tomato juice, Clamato juice, a clamato juice mix, and tomatillo juice in green. I went for the traditional Clamato, wanting it to taste like the type of Caesars I know and love.

After, you season it with Worcester sauce and as much or as little hot sauce as you want. They have over 15 different flavours of tabasco for you to shake into your mix. I went for two drops of chipotle and went on my way.

The last station is where you can be the most creative. Here, they offer 20 different ingredients that you can spear together as the garnish for your Caesar. I went all out with a celery stick, pickled beans and asparagus, sun dried tomato, beet, salami, pickles, mozzarella, olive, cucumber roll, and my new favourite Caesar topping: blue cheese, a must try.

The result, the best Caesar ever, because I made it myself!

Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
My original assessment still holds true. “The Victor” is a great destination for a fine meal and a great time with excellent service. And now with brunch, they are giving you so many more fun and unique reasons to visit. I have yet to be disappointed. Don’t deny your cravings.


39 Smithe Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 0P4