I drive past this restaurant several times a week. It is new to my neighbourhood, which I don’t often dine out within. However, tonight with the pouring rain and my desire to not cook, I thought I would stop by for a quick meal; where ironically, I didn’t have any of their noodles.

The name set you up for an easy going meal, an easy place for quick Vietnamese food. Simple like its modern decor with exposed ceilings, wax laminate, concrete pillars, and their logo printed on their door mat and again painted on their wall.

Aside from missing me when I sat down, the staff were very attentive. I caught eyes with the guy behind the counter, he acknowledged me and directed me to the bar by the window for solo diners. However, I must have slipped his mind as others who sat down after me were greeted with tea and a menu. I had to approach the bar that centred the restaurant for mine. Although after I sat and placed my order, I encountered four other faces as they all approached me and offered to any requests I had. Though in their defence, I had my menu open in front of me, taking notes for this post.

I ordered a few dishes, half to have here and the rest to be able to box up for breakfast and lunch tomorrow.

Out of the 7 Vietnamese subs that they offer on menu, they only had one option available one hour to close. And sadly it was one of my last choices. I would be missing out on their special sub with everything, their chicken sub, a lemon grass chicken sub, one with Vietnamese bacon, another with meat ball, and one vegetarian version with tofu.

I did end up going for the “Grilled pork sub” because there was pate included, and that is my favourite part of banh mi. Grilled pork, pate, mayo, cucumber, pickled veggies, cilantro, and jalapeños. It came to me luke warm. The bread crusty, the vegetable hard and cold. I liked the flavour of it, but not all the sauce that coated the meat and pooled under the bun, which it soaked up like a sponge. As for the flavour the pork was peppery and fully seasoned, the pate a ta grainy. Good, but I will have to come back to try my cold cut staple for a better gauge.

You don’t often come to Vietnamese restaurants thinking rice, but I had a craving and got this one to be able to try a few variation of how they prepare their meats. Special rice “com sac biet” with lemongrass chicken, pork chops, fried egg, egg patty and shredded pork. And all the rice dishes also come with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, pickled veggies and green onion. All the sides and the raw vegetables help to change the taste and inject a crispiness in to your bites. The salad was drizzled in a tangy citrus flavour and added freshness. And the egg some creaminess to the rice. As for the main, the pork chop was as tender as the chicken it was beside, and with a similar grill. Although it had more of a lemon grass flavour than the chicken with a sweet and salty teriyaki feel. And beware the bone, it is one third of piece. The egg patty was interesting. It was like meat loaf with pork, wood ear fungus, vermicelli and egg as the binder.

I love Vietnamese spring rolls. They are crispier than the regular ones with just a folded wonton wrapper. It is all in their jagged shell that gives it additional texture, a nice scrape against the roof of your mouth. Their “Jumbo spring roll” is filled with shrimp, pork, shredded carrots, egg, and taro. You can order them one at a time or two together with a savings of 50 cents when you do. Sadly, although I gave so much focus to the shell, there was too much breading for my tastes, especially at the ends. I just wanted a better ratio between it and the filling. Though at the end of the day, a generous dip into fish sauce is all it needed.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
A quick and easy Vietnamese restaurant in a pitch. Clean setting, casual vibe, and fast food. Don’t deny your cravings.


1902 Rosser Avenue, Burnaby BC, V5C 3Z2