This year we headed to the Okanagan for my partner’s birthday, and we were lucky to be able to enjoy their off season with a forecast of summer-like sun, in May. We spent three days and two nights at “Tinhorn Creek Vineyards”, in one of their guest suites. I had won a contest from “Jaks Liqueur”, and was redeeming my voucher for a two night stay, for this occasion. We housed in the “Martha” suite, one half of a Duplex. A modern apartment where the foyer led into the kitchen, and then living room, in one open space.

Here, large windows capitalized on the view. A scene of rolling grape fields, sprouting fruit trees, and Osoyoos Lake in the far distance. All of which was only visible during day, and best enjoyed on the patio with its fire pit and barbecue.

For our convenience, the suite included a fully equipped and functioning kitchen. Pots and pans, casserole dishes and serving platters; everything you’d need to prepare a feast with, minus the actual food and the seasonings necessary. Or the fridge to keep any of the chilled.

The mini fridge was ideal for leftovers and keeping drinks cool. Like the complimentary bottle of white in a ice bucket that laid within. Another bottle of red, greeted us with a welcome, on the counter. There was also a water cooler that dispensed ice cold aqua. And a coffee pot with locally produced beans available for brewing.

Sadly the bed was a queen (none of their four suites had anything larger than a queen). When you travel and sleep elsewhere, the dream is always to do so in a larger and firmer bed than what you have at home. None-the-less it was a comfortable sleep with black out blinds that kept the sun’s light and heat out, until you are ready to start your day with it. But the self controlled air conditioning keeps you cool constantly.

The washroom was adjacent to the bed room. The toilet was right at the door, which I locked each time I went. This was in case my partner walked in and swung the door open against my knees. But that was not the worse part, the toilet paper was some of the thinnest I have ever had to wad. Not much different than that stocked in public mall washrooms. And the shower was very low flow, for an unsatisfactory cleaning. In the shower was a push button dispenser of shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Although there wasn’t enough soap to last our 3 day visit. On the last day, I washed myself with body lotion, only to realize that the “luxury bar” on the vanity was a bar of soap. It was set up with face cloths, body lotion, and individual sized mouth wash.

We enjoyed the suite most at night. Coming home to comfortable furniture, air conditioning, and wifi. We stayed up late drinking and streaming videos. But be warned, they do not have a television in the suite, but instead a few books and many board games to keep you busy. They suggest you use the offline time to reconnect.

Overall this was such a great experience. For a wine enthusiast, there is something so magical about being able to stay at a winery in such a beautiful place. To be able to start your day with wine and end it with more. To have a wine shop at your front door and a fantastic restaurant bar your back. This was definitely a one of of a kind stay that I would fully recommend over an air b&b or hotel any day. When in wine country, why not live like wine?


537 Tinhorn Creek Road, Oliver BC, V0H 1T1