This shop is dedicated to just popcorn. Taking this everyday snack into the gourmet realm with handcrafted flavouring.

Today the shop was ran by two women. I was going to make a purchase anyways, but they were the reason I bought two more bags then intended, and came back for more the next day. We chit chatted, and when they learned I was from out of town, they mentioned that their popcorn is available for shipping all across Canada. Throwing in that it makes great occasion gifts and the perfect party snack, like for weddings and birthday parties.

We ended our exchange with them encouraging me to take as many samples as I liked. With over 40 different flavours, this would take a while. Luckily it was a fun experience. Flipping open sealed jars like a bear dipping his paw in honey. Using a clean spoon to scoop out as many kernels as I wanted to try. (Because really who eats popcorn one kernel at a time?) Although a week later I believe they upgraded their sampling system. Replacing jar and spoon for a plastic turn style gum all machine. A twist of the dial dictated popcorn tumbling out. Not only was it more sanitary, efficient, and user friendly for their clients, but it also regulated anyone who had no shame of being greedy.


The square box of a room had a shelf of their best selling popcorn, already packed at the door for an easy grab and go. And any flavour you didn’t see they could package and seal for you on the spot. They had tubs of it on wire racks behind the counters.


Their popcorn flavours are divided into categories like savoury with 20 choices, sweet and fruits with 15, and specialties with 11 interesting flavour combinations. Within the savoury list is Buffalo kick, Cajun, creamy peri peri, honey mustard, pizza, sweet chilli pepper, ranch, and steak BBQ; just to name a few. They also brought together some fun combinations like cheesy dill and garlic Parmesan. They even listed their vegan friendly options for those with dietary needs to be able to enjoy their snacks.


For sweet they of course had the classic caramel; but also a spicy hot cinnamon that tasted like the Valentine’s Day hearts, and piƱa colada that resembled rum and coconut. They had many more flavoured like fruits and brought them all together for packages called “confetti”, with their multiple colours and multiple flavours mingling. Banana, black cherry, green apple, grape, blue raspberry, and watermelon, etc.

The premium popcorn was some next level creativeness. A cheese plus caramel combo that just worked, chocolate and peanut butter crisp, popcorn that tasted like cinnamon rolls, cookies and cream with a crushed cookie coating, popcorn flavoured like cupcakes with strawberry frosting and rainbow sprinkles, strawberry milkshake dusted in a powder mix, and popcorn coated to resemble peanut brittle and s’mores; just to name a few.


There is so much to taste and so much more you want to buy after sampling. Each new flavour I tried was just as interesting as the last. All the flavours tasted as their name promised. And half the fun was trying them all to see if they delivered. It reminded me of the thrill of tasting jelly belly jellybeans. I was especially impressed by the seasoning on the Buffalo wing, Nacho (cheese and ground beef), and taco (beef and seasoning mix with tomato).


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
Half the fun is trying before you buy. Like sampling weird ice cream flavours, knowing you’ll be getting vanilla. They all taste great, but I would recommend the cheesy caramel or pizza if you are looking to commit to a bag. During my visit to Toronto I found they made great souvenirs to take back home to Vancouver. Easy to carry from shop to hotel and easy to store in your luggage with their light weight. Don’t deny your cravings.


147 Baldwin Street, Toronto ON, M5T 3K7
1-844-767-8368 / 1-844-pop-tdot
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