My guest and were taking a stroll along Main Street, until we found ourselves hungry. Here, she introduced me to “Trilussa”, a long standing institution in her neighbourhood, which only recently have they come under new management. And with the new owner came some improvements. The pizza is modelled after the type you’d get in Italy, but now with improvements to the recipe. For example, the crust now stays crispier for longer.

The great part about ordering pizza from “Trilussa” is you can do it by the foot. They are baked up in lengthy stretches, and set in front of their show table with window. There are several options already made, waiting for you to take a chunk out of it. And if there is something you don’t see, that their menu offers, they are more than happy to whip it up and bake it fresh for you. And even then you only need to commit to the inches you actually want. During our visit we tried six different pizzas, two of which were baked just for us.

After you place your order and pay, you seat yourself. The restaurant is a series of booths with a couple of chairs outside. The half brown and half grey walls split the restaurant in two, with framed photos of their pizza and accomplishments hanging. We grabbed a booth for ourselves and helped ourselves to water from their dispenser. When your pizza by the rectangle is ready you are called to claim them, on the wooden boards that they are served on.

We started with a pizza topped with salmon, capers, and onions; covered in mozzarella cheese. It was just the right amount of salmon, so that it didn’t overpower the subtle flavour of the buttery crust.

The “Trasteverde” was a simple meat and cheese pizza with pancetta, mozzarella, and pecorino. This was another pizza where the ingredients were well balanced. The meat wasn’t too salty, nor did it over power the base, and truly the crust is my favourite part of any pizza.

The “Attilio” has mushrooms and mozzarella. It is earthy mushrooms meeting gooey cheese, and it tasted exactly as you’d expect it to be.

The “Caprese” pizza was like the salad, but over pizza crust. Organic greens, thick cut tomato slices, and a crumble of bocconcini. This pizza was served cold with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar to finish it off. It ate like a salad, but with a crisp base. Good separate, not my favourite together.

The “Prosciutto crudo with Parmesan” was a sample that we got. This one is a special that they don’t always make available, so the generous new owner, insisted that we got a taste. Salty meat and cheese with peppery greens. another pizza that ate more like a salad and charcuterie plate.

My favourite was their “Capri” with potatoes, pesto, and pecorino. This was made to order for us, it came fresh out of the oven, with the thin slices of potato still crispy. This was the most original pizza in their offerings. I liked the richness of the flavourful potatoes and chalky cheese, over the chewy crust


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
They are a staple in the community, offering up pizza by the foot, before it was trendy. A solid stop if you are looking to snack in the neighbourhood, but not necessarily a destination to travel to. Don’t deny your cravings.


4363 Main Street, Vancouver BC, V5V3R1
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