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Van Hot Dog


IMG_3364I wonder how much business hot dog carts have lost since the arrival of food trucks? I thought this, as I decided to grab some street meat for myself today. Doing this to avoid the small line at a truck nearby. They certain don’t beckon the same attention as a sunshine yellow truck or one with flames across its sides. But hot dog carts have been in business for years, and they must still be holding their own to be out here grinding day after day. What has changed? Gone are your run of the mill dog and bun, there is now a need to reinvent the hot dog. To make it stand out when they have the likes of so many food trucks to compete against. The solution that “Van Hot Dog” came up with was variety. Choices in their meats and options in their condiments. The pictures of all their offerings were certainly done to be appealing. No two hotdog photos looked alike, despite them all starting out the same. White bread bun, with an option for brown, and sliced and grilled hot dog meat. Bavarian smokie, Bratwurst sausage, All beef hot dog, Jalapeño and cheese smokie, Chicken smokie, Italian smokie, and Veggie hot dogs, in their usual off pale pink colour. Wanting something cheap and simple I settled on the all beef, after the chicken had all sold out by 2pm. That’s the thing about hot dogs cart, you can still get something for a five. The sauces included the traditional ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayo. Then branched out into ranch, barbecue, and tartar. Toppings available were shredded seaweed, sauerkraut, picked peppers, olives, and bacon bits. What they lacked in exciting food they made up in exciting add ons to dress your dog up with. I appreciated their attempt to keep up with Vancouver’s hot dogging trends, by offering seaweed. The picture of my hot dog got confused with a “japadog”. 


You can’t really go wrong with a hot dog. A quick and simple meal when you need to be on the go. An easy handheld that ables you to walk and eat at the same time. Not saying it’s the best, but this one of the most longer standing hot dig cart in Vancouver, on the corner of Robson and Burrard, the southeast corner. I remember passing by this thing in my youth, the first street food vendor I ever visited. Here’s hoping they are able to keep up with the eggs to go, the sandwiches grilled up, and crepes coned in a round. Don’t deny your cravings. 


900 Robson Street, Vancouver BC, V6Z 2V7
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  1. Carlos Tapia

    Oh my god, thank you for this pictures, I am from Mexico and I was a student in Vancouver in 2010. I was working at this hot dog stand for 5 months, also when the Olympic Games were on, it was crazy the amount of people there, good times…
    Anyway, thank you again, this brings a lot of memories to me.

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