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The Wallflower, vegan menu

The car-free day on Main Street drove us further from our intended vegan destination. I truly believe that such days actually increase oil consumption and gas emission, instead of its intent to decrease it. Especially by those who know not of it, circulating the neighbourhood trying to find parking and getting caught up in additional traffic congestion. This was my case. And being stalled in two pile ups had us travelling further down Main Street destination, towards downtown. (Majority of the vegan friendly restaurants seem to be located on Main.)

As I made mention to earlier, I was dining with my vegan friend and therefore we wanted a destination with a healthy set of options for her. When I am with her I actually eat vegan too, not only to increase my palette but to give this blog some breath in coverage. So although where we ended up wasn’t strictly vegan, we ended up staying within that section of their menu.

“Wallflower” is an older diner. A lengthy space kept dark despite the bright of day on the other side of the entrance door. Wood floors, wood tables, and wooden walls give the room a yellow glow. More so when the amber bulbs of light reflect off it. The right hand wall is a nod to their name: a mural of flowers drawn in black and white, highlighted by a string of dangling lights. It draws your eye down the length of the restaurant, landing on their inclusive washroom door and their logo of a fork surrounded by a seven petal-ed bloom. The latter also found its way on a tank and baseball tee hanging up for sale. It is always a sign of a popular restaurant, when they sell gift shop merchandise.

Given the decor I didn’t expect much, a casual diner with easy comfort food. Although my expectations did increase when I noticed the “You gotta eat here” sticker, notifying their mention and mark on the television series of the same name. And when we finally got to eat, nothing disappointed, even as vegan. Although we didn’t do healthy vegan, more junk food vegan; which if I had to, I could see myself being vegan off of this stuff.

The “hummus and eggplant dip” was amazing, the textures of both were velvety smooth. Complimentary to one another, yet distinctively different. For $10 you got a lot of each and a large round of gluten free focaccia to scoop it up with. Given the lack of gluten, I did find the bread fairly dry and crumbly, but nothing an extra generous heap of dip couldn’t rectify. I would come back for both.

With the “lightning fries” I couldn’t believe it wasn’t cheese. One of the reasons I could never be vegan is, I love cheese far too much. However, if all cheese substitutes were this good, being vegan would be less of a challenge. This was their version of chilli cheese fries with vegan chilli, a vegan cheese sauce, salsa, olives, and jalapeño. The fries were well prepared, offering a nice starchy chewy to balance glops of salsa off of. No complaints, so good that we even used our sliders below to sop up extra cheese and chilli up with. As a note, they should seriously make chilli cheese tofu burgers.

The “BBQ tofu sliders” were like sloppy joes. Over stuffed buns where you were guaranteed to get reddish orange sauce all over your fingers and all across your mouth. They were super tasty with the texture of ground beef from tofu crumbles. They were perfect bite with the creamy apple fennel coleslaw to follow.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
I was really impressed with everything that we had. Not one item felt like I was being limited in options. They were vegan dishes, and not just good for a vegan dish, but genuinely delicious as a stand out plate. I would like to return to see what the rest of the menu is like. Don’t deny your cravings.


2420 Main Street, Vancouver BC, V5T 3E2
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  1. This is super close to where I work! Will definitely stop by soon. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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