My girl friend invited me to the “Wellness Expo” at the Vancouver convention centre the first weekend of February. I am not know for being particularly health conscious or even looking to be more physically fit for summer, so this was a harder sell for me. Thankfully I am always down to trying something new, and was therefore pleasantly surprised by my first ever visit.

Naturally I won’t be able to cover everything that I saw and did, in the detail that I do. However, I will include highlights and pinpoint interesting products below.

Each ticket holder is given a goodie bag at the entrance, upon check-in. A reusable bag from their sponsors filled with assorted samples to take home and try at your leisure. This also serves as a great bag to stock up and store all your purchases and additional collected samples within.

Like most other expos, it is a sprawling space where guest visited booths at their own pace, try samples that appeal, and strike up conversations with vendors based on interests. Closest to the door were all the food and drink samples, transitioning to wellness products, and new age practices towards the back. This was a self serve marketplace where entrepreneurs and spokespeople introduced newer products or lines that you might not otherwise get to hear of.

There were so many samples that I found myself having an accumulated lunch there. Gourmet salsa with fresh fruit and vegetables. All vegan soups that have you not missing meat. Gluten free pizza crusts that don’t taste like ash. Veggie patty alternatives, herbal mushroom chocolates, teas, and coffees; and even healthy pet snacks for your beloved cat or dog.

For dessert there was several yogurt options to smack on, a diary free ice cream worth trying, chocolate flavoured hummus, popcorn with a protein powder sprinkled over top, and low calorie candy.

For those looking for more nutritional focused items there were plenty of protein mixes, powered vitamins; and plenty of supplements in gummy, pill, and drink form. One a day juices that promises to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. Drink that are chalk full of antioxidants. Majority of which were available to purchase here, and at major Vancouver health food stores in the future.

There are also a couple of of all natural make up lines and hygiene goods. A shampoo bar that eliminates plastics in the shower. And a salon booth serving women with on the spot curls or hair straightening. The latter which had me sold and walking home with a new straightener that promised the results would last up to three days on unwashed hair.

My guest and enjoyed getting a health check with a laser to the palm of our hands. Results were better than expected and included solutions on how to get it even better. We also had our aura decoded with a scan of our palms. What the colour signatures said about you bodily health, and how it is reflected in your mental wellness. This came with pages of homework that included a list of supplements and activities that would help realign any issues. We the treated ourselves to a couple of crystal and semi precious stone bracelets, each with its own healing property.

In short the wellness expo is more than just a bunch of hawkers promoting a healthy lifestyle, it is a wide breath of new and local products aimed at day to day well being and creating dietary solutions. A great expo where you definitely feel like you are getting your money’s worth at. I will have to be back next year.

Vancouver Convention Centre West
1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3