Today I was invited down to the newly open “WingDing Social Club”. A second floor walk up on West Broadway, reimagined as an event space for rent. And today we would get a first hand look at the space with its 16-foot vaulted industrial ceilings and its advanced audio system, all through their “luxe launch party”. The following is a recap of all the festivities during this inaugural launch.

The red carpet and congratulatory floral wreaths marked the spot. Otherwise one might miss the nondescript door with the letters “WG” engraved in glass.

You walk up a staircase and come up to a concierge desk. Here, they checked your coats and handed you your first of many drinks. There were plenty to go around and a handful of choices to set the mood. Wines in white or pink, or beer with a unicorn motif. Something to sip on as you chatted with friends and took in the fashion show.

A make shift run way snaked along the dance floor. The white dimple loungers to the side of it was ideal for taking in the sights. Everyone else planted their feet and found a spot to linger and watch at.

This was Luxesaint’s SS2019​ Collection, runway launch. “Luxesaint” is a feminine and romantic women’s ware brand by Tia Lacson from the Philippines. She and her collection were flown in for the occasion. Her work takes inspiration from various styles all over the world; with plenty of wispy layers, asymmetrical hems, delicate lace, and floral touches.

During the show and after we were serenaded by more Vancouver talent: jazz songstress ​Maya Rae​, and veteran guitarist ​Dave Martone​.

All the while, guests nibbled on canapés prepared in ”WingDing’s” fully furnished kitchen. Crafted by renowned Parisian Chef Eric Levy of ​“Prosper et Fortunée Paris​“, who was flown in, exclusively for this event.

Fresh fruit and cured meat on crackers.

Smoked salmon and asparagus slivers on bread.

Baked cheese rounds.

And a rich chocolate pudding with whipped cream.

Local artisan ice cream shoppe “Le Glacé” was also in attendance. They were scooping out mini ice cream cones for everyone. Available in their “Blue Sky Mocha” with cold brew coffee and dark chocolate, a sweet mango flavour, and their vegan coco pandan with actual shredded coconut.

And there we all were, enjoying the above in this unique space.

Founder Peng (Travis) Gao brought his social club to life with the belief that they are making a resurgence. And he wanted “WingDing” to be the first of its kind in Vancouver. A social club with the goal of being social; to help people get back to connecting through face to face interactions. He intends to do this by curating a gathering of “like-minded individuals from different cultures to meet and connect through customized culinary, musical, and recreational activities”. Simply put, offering intimate and thoughtfully curated social experiences to members. The number of which will be limited, to ensure the club is able to maintain the exceptional level of personal service in which it believes their clients want. And from here, Gao’s future plans include travel experiences for members. But first, their first ticketed event the “Prosper et Fortunée Paris Pop Up in Vancouver”. This is a dinner on Sunday, April 28, 2019. For $150 per person you will be treated to a “true Parisian culinary experience for far less than a trip to the City of Lights.” For more information visit the link below.


1928 West Broadway, Vancouver BC, V6J 1Z2