It’s been a while since I have been to “Wings”. Today it was a convenience stop for, you guessed it: wings. You can go any where for wings: any chain restaurant or any pub or bar. It is a North American staple. It makes for a great quick snack and a satisfying side to a pint. And this is exactly what “Wings” delivers on. Being named after this menu item suggests they know what’s what in the world of wings. And if the last page of the menu is any indication, they can help you with any wing related craving. 

Their wings menu is a listing of 23 different flavour combinations partnered with geographic names and multicultural spices. We travel the world from Bombay to Italy. Stop in Greece, and pass through Korea and Mexico. Only to continue on towards, Jakarta and Chili. And end our journey closer to home in Louisiana, Chicago, and Texas. Their glossary explains what is new, what is spicy, and which of their sauces is the juiciest. 

Like most people we got the classic honey garlic wings. A safe bet and a guaranteed to satisfy option. We got it as part of their “Hat Trick” combo, under the “team shareable” section of the menu. This multi item platter came with a pound of wings, garlic cheese bread, and yam fries with a roasted red pepper aioli. The wings were the real highlight, sweet and juicy with generous flavours and tender meat. The yam fries were ok, as your standard fry. And the bread, a disappointing shredding of cheese on not so toasty toast. 

Feeling patriotic we dared something different with the “Canadian Maple Bourbon Wing”. As the name reveals it is a pound of wings coated in maple syrup and bourbon. My guest tonight was French Canadian so he was immediately sold on sharing this. They delivered on this wing. You can smell the maple syrup as soon as the plate hits the table. The skin was crispy and the meat inside juicy. But I was unable to make out any of that bourbon that was mentioned earlier. I would improve each piece with by brushing an extra coating of maple syrup before serving. This way the wing keeps its crunch, and you get a deeper maple syrup taste. Or offer a container of it on the side. It would guarantee to please all the French Canadians out there. 

3 pounds of wings from a previous visit, in Cajun BBQ, honey garlic and salt rub

And if you ironically came in not wanting wings, there is enough other options to ensure you would find something you’d like. Choose all your bar classics like pastas, burger, sandwiches, and steaks. Or go for different with “spicy wok squid” and chicken curry bowls. 

“Wings” is a sports bar that may not have all the prettiest servers or the nicest of decors. But what they do deliver on is a great casual spot to watch your favourite sporting events at. During Canucks games or MMA fights this place is swamped. People are willing to stand, just to get in, to watch a match in the atmosphere that “Wings” provides. I have been present for hockey trivia nights and contests to win prizes like free drinks. The staff get into it, bells are rung, lips are whistling, fans are cheering, and the customers are loving it. 

This is just a great sports bar built with guys in mind. Simple, easy, uncomplicated. Dark marble like table tops, faux leather booths, posters of upcoming MMA fights, pennants from hockey teams; and a television at every turn, and on them every sporting event from X games to Sportsnet recaps. This place was built to seat men. As for service, I don’t expect much from a bar. The food is as causal as the staff. But as long as my food comes quickly and I can get my bill when I want it, I am happy. 

Would I come back? – Yes. 
Would I recommend it? – Yes. 
“Wings” is a pretty good bet when wanting drinks and wings in a bar setting. And with several locations chances are you will find one close to you. I have found my trip to each location pretty consistent. Come early during a big game night and enjoy the rowdiness of a crowd enamored over their home team.


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