300 wing challenge.


Our group of five ventured to “Wings”, the bar. We were here to create our own food challenge. The challenge was to see how many wings we could eat if we really pushed ourselves, and what better a place than one that bears the name of what we wanted, and on a day they offered each for 49 cents?

Inside, it is your typical bar scene with high tops and bar stools, and a sports broadcast playing on every television in every corner. It was no surprise that this well known chain was the place to be this night. However we came early enough to grab a booth, despite the struggle to find a parking spot. The lot is often full and street parking is by luck.

We went in wanting 50 pounds of each, to tackle 500 wings total. Luckily we were talked down from that aspiration by our server. So eventually we amended our order to 30 pounds at 300 wings. In order to take advantage of the 49 cent wing deal, each person needs to order a drink, or in our case share a pitcher. As well as purchase a minimum of 10 wings, 10 wings per flavour, which equals to one pound. We got one of each of their 25 flavours, and a few more of our favourites, in order to reach our 300. Below are all those flavours.

To skip the details and watch us devouring click here.

I would love to be more descriptive in what we had and how it tasted, but unfortunately I won’t be able to. When you eat this much, this quick, to try to eat it all, you don’t stop to taste. You don’t savour any of the flavours, I barely even tasted. And they were all the same shade of brown, so you couldn’t even tell them apart anyways.

The only one that stood out and was therefore my favourite was the powdered white and superbly cheesy, “Old English white chedda”. They tasted like white cheddar popcorn, but as a wing.

Though I will note the wings were inconsistent within each batch. Some smaller than the others, a few drier than I wanted moist. It also didn’t help that the following were dry rub and intentionally prepared without moisture aiding gravies or sauces. Although it should be noted that we ordered this much and wanted it all together, so in order to do just that, and serve it relatively warm; I am sure a few batches spent additional time under the overcooking light of a heat lamp.

“Texas dry rub”, “Greek”, Chicago salt and pepper”, “Italian roasted red pepper”, and “BC back-country bacon”.

One of our group’s member was not a fan of the “Canadian maple bourbon”, she found the flavour too sweet, claiming it to taste like “honey nut cherrios”. I liked it fine, knowing it was indeed maple syrup that she was tasting.

However, I prefer sticky wings in general, so it is nice that their menu lists those with an orange drop to symbolize their sauciness.

The “honey garlic” is a classic and the “safe” flavour I continue to order and not be disappointed in. There was also “Outback barbecue”, “Sweet Thai”, and “Bombay pineapple” under the saucy wing category.

The “Tokyo teriyaki” was easy to identify thanks to its topping of sesame seeds. I didn’t get any of the typical tang from a nice teriyaki sauce, although I could have used more of it in general.

The “Korean sticky sesame” also had sesame seeds sprinkled over them. It was just as mild, where I expected more sweetness with the mention of a honey sesame sauce on the menu, but at least it was indeed sticky. One of the preferred wings to chase with, after I mistakenly tried a hotter one.

The hot wings had their own symbol: chilli peppers. And the more of them meant the more hotter the wing they were marking was. Some were both saucy and spicy.

“Bula Fiji”, “Baja heat”, “Louisiana sweet”, and “Mexican baja chipotle” had just the one chilli pepper to their name. “New Orleans barbecue heat”, “east meets west”, “jamming’ Jamaican”, and “buffalo” came with two. The three chilli pepper flavours were “Chilean chili” and “Jakarta heat”. I tried my best to avoid all of them, saving up my tolerance and appetite for the “Bobby wing”.

But the hottest wing had five chillies, their legendary “Bobby wing”. A wing seasoned with so many spicy peppers that it was advertised as needing a waiver before attempting to finish one. We never actually had to sign anything, and were still severed them, along with the other wings. But at least they were easily identifiable on their own plate. Majority of of us couldn’t get take more than one bite. Whereas the one of us who was an expert in spice was able to eat her wing without much of a fight. There was pain and there were tears. The two of us who had previously tried the spicy ramen Challenge, to watch that video click here.

We found the spice at least familiar, and therefore less critical. Whereas the two who had never experience such a sting were besides themselves.

There were add ons you could order to combat the heat, they suggested the “antidote”. At $4.25 it is pretty steep, but worth it when you are in the moment. When I asked our server what made it so pricy, she was frank in telling me it was just milk with blue food colouring, it looked like just as much. Oddly this glass of milk came out to our table first, despite our declaration of wanting to tackle the “Bobby wing” last, like a dessert. Our server also suggested the same, saying that it kills the taste buds in your mouth.

However I would suggest peanut butter or honey to combat heat instead. One of my guests was allergic to milk, so the scoop of honey offered was not only a fine substitution, but one that came free.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
Wings Wednesday is an institution, there is nothing more fun than gathering with a group of friends, and gorging of an excess of beers by the pint and wings at 49 cents each. Don’t deny your cravings.


6879 Kingsway, Burnaby BC, V5E 1E4
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