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Wishing Treats


I had read about this newly opened artisan candy store in Gastown. So when we passed by it on an arbitrary walk, I took advantage of the opportunity, to stroll in for a taste.


Inside, the concrete walls are lined with shelves made from copper pipes and sheets of glass. One shelf showcased every flavour they offered in resealable bags. They other was a visual display of metal tools, glass beakers, bottles and vials of translucent liquids, and swirled lollipops top side down.


I went in planning on purchasing a bag, but was delighted by the ability to taste before doing so. There was a lone woman working the shop, she invited you in for a closer look by sampling the candies they were selling. She stood behind the counter, quarantined behind sneeze proof glass. From here, with gloved hands she doled out their hard candies by the drop. She even gave you a choice of flavour from the jars she had available. I tried a red strawberry heart, and took her up on her offer for another with the yellow banana. Both were true to their flavours and make excellent palette refreshers.


The clerk/owner also showcased a few of their candy making demos, this was to walk visitors through their candy making process. This large lump of sugar and colour is carefully layered so that after it is rolled and pulled thin, there is an image at its centre. These are done with much detail to represent a theme, or the mark the flavour they possessed.

For the latter they took custom orders. The rainbow painted staircase offered you the ability to place your order by ascending upwards and working with their candy chef. I can only imagine the price of having a custom design made, considering a smaller bag was $5.99 and the price is dependant on them making it in bulk.


Their landmark candies included “thank you” and “congrats”. Wedding favours with a bride and groom’s initials. Baby announcements with “it’s a boy in blue”, and pink for a girl. For those tourist visiting they also had an “I

As for their flavours, visuals and tastes matched. There was a sour lemon and orange candy with a cross section of the citrus fruit. The root beer flavoured ones came with a stein of foamy brown. And the kiwi looked fuzzy and brown on the outside and sweet and green on the inside. However for a little bit of all the fruits they had a mixed bag with raspberry, banana, mango, watermelon and blueberry pieces. And those who like the odd flavours like me, they also had sweet potato pie candy with the geometric shape of a pie on it, and “curry watermelon” that looked like a watermelon cut in half.

With all the choices, I followed my eyes and left with two bag based on how they looked and not what flavours they were. In fact they weren’t even listed on the bag, and I only found out what they were after tasting each.

The bag of red and white pokeballs were strawberry. And the “Gamer’s Mix” was a combination of yellow lemon “Triforces” from the “Legend of Zelda”, blueberry ghosts from “PAC Man”, and red strawberry mushrooms from the world of “Mario”. Their novelty was a hit with those who liked the four games as much as I did.

To see how they actually make the candy, check out the video below.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
This is truly a very unique talent they possess, the ability to conceive and make each hard candy drop by hand. I wish I had the opportunity to see and experience it live, or better yet try it for myself. They do offer classes and I am considering it. I truly hope the community sees the value of this art and their sweets and that “Wishing Treat” see/ success for years to come. After all there is no other offering like this in Vancouver. Don’t deny your cravings.


49 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 1G4
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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful write-up! I’m so glad you could stop by the studio.
    You chose an excellent mix. The Gamer Mix is my all-time favorite!
    I really hope next time we see you that you get to see the candy making process go full blast!

    • mag_mei

      Hello Steph thanks for taking the time to read and supporting with your comment. Is there a particular time when the candy is being made? I would love to come back to capture the process on my YouTube channel. Thanks.

      • Hi Maggie! Our master artisan Wes says this Friday or Saturday we should have a batch going right from 11am to 6pm (open to close). Saturdays are always the most fun! The whole process takes about 45 to 90 minutes so we would love to have you come capture video for our YouTube channel!

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