I am always interested in trying the latest innovation for vegan meats. What are they using now and how are they getting the texture and taste as close to animal products as they can? Not to mention vegan food gets a bad reputation for being bland and dry I so always like to share what’s available in the market. And today that is the new gourmet vegan hot dog concept: Wurst of Us! Brought to the city by the team behind Aleph Eatery, the award winning Middle Eastern, vegan restaurant in East Vancouver.

Wurst of Us launched on February 1st and are current only offering delivery with DoorDash. At the moment their menu only includes 4 different types of hot dogs, and nachos to match each one. Below, we tried all their available dogs, minus the more traditional one with mustard, ketchup, and sauerkraut.

Worth mentioning is their upcoming giveaway, to help bring awareness to their new venture. It is a giveaway they are titling “The Wurst Giveaway”. On February 14th (Valentine’s day) they will by be asking people to tag the person who brings out the “wurst in them”, in hopes of winning in a PS5, Scandinave Spa gift card, and/or two trays of our hotdogs and nachos. The details will be available on their Instagram, for those interested.

The El Perro Hotdog is a Mexican take on the classic dog, topped with pink onions, tomato, jalapeños, charred tajin spiced corn, lime crema, cilantro, and paprika. I was excited for this one, it was topped high with so much fresh and colourful toppings, adding the flavour and textural elements I expect from a gourmet dog. I just wanted more sauce or a dressing to add some moisture to an otherwise dry bite. This could have been due to the bun as a well. There was a lot of bread, and we could have done with a thinner slice or a different kind of bun all together.

Here, and with the other hot dogs below, I wished that I took the time to better suss out the actual wiener. To get a sense of how it fared as a meat substitute, but instead, I got more toppings than anything else; missing the vegan hot dog all together, if not for its “meatier” chew.

I did get the sauciness I wanted from the Inu Hotdog. This is their Japanese take on a vegan dog with pickled cabbage, wasabi mayo, nori, nigella seeds, and sesame seeds. Its combination and flavours reminded us of Japadog. Therefore, making it a nice way for vegans to be able to try one of the city’s most popular street foods. It was creamy with sweet mayo, crispy with the shredded seaweed, and the seeds added a bit of spice. Here, I would have also liked some pickled ginger to add some brightening tang to the serving. I found the pickled cabbage lacked in that arena.

I was surprised to discover celery made it onto their Bulldog Hotdog. This was a delightful way to add some juice and crunch to a spicier dog; built with Buffalo hot sauce, crumbled blue cheese, and parsley. Here, you like blue cheese, and for those (like me) that do, this is a tasty treat. This is the one I would recommend and order again.

Their nachos are also a good bet. We fully enjoyed the K9 Nachos, which is their Lebanese take on toasted tortilla chips. Chips topped with pickled cucumber, pickled cabbage, pickled turnip, tomato, tahini, mint, and cilantro. The chips were perfectly crisp, they had a flavour on their own, but was best enjoyed with a little of all the above. Here, I just wanted more of the same toppings and more layers to better balance out all the chips. I would also recommend giving this a quick bake in the oven for optimal dining, as it got cold by the time DoorDash delivered.

In short, a nice option for vegans craving something more casual. I don’t know if I would think to have hot dogs delivered, but if passing by them on a busy street, or when in search for a quick snack outdoors, I can definitely see them taking their stride then and there.

Wurst Of Us
889 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1H8