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You Tan, vibrating platform & infrared sauna

A Little Erotic Vibration ~

Went to “You Tan” with a coupon from “Buytopia”, good for 2 sessions in their infrared sauna and vibrating platform, 40 minutes each session, all for $24. 
The location was a little far and we were lucky enough to find expensive downtown meter parking on the kitty corner, but our deal was just too good to miss this, and all in all worth it.
Once inside we were greeted by the owner, who was the only one in on this Friday evening at 6pm. She is one of those people who you instantly knew would be just fun to talk to. She is Pursian and I have never heard the Persian accent come across so rich and welcoming as out of her lips. Her voice echoed throughout the small shop and filled each tanning room with so much energy. As she spoke her curly hair bounced and dance on her head, it all looked as happy as she was. When we presented our coupons we were told that it was put up and advertised by “Buytopia” without her consent. Immediately I was worried that this experience would soon turn sour. But from a customer service point of view she handled the situation well. After she expressed her dislike of “Buytopia”, she told us she has been honouring all of these coupons for her customers and recommend that we instead checkout her favourite coupon site, “Swarmjam” for our future coupon needs. Not only does “Swarmjam” have amazing deals, but they are great to small businesses like hers. 

“You Tan” is a small shop decorated in opulence. A crystal chandler hung in the foyer, silky drapes were tied off in the entry way, fine etched mirrors and other crystalized ornaments hung on walls. Individually each piece was wonderful and added to the feeling of refinement, but all together some patterns and colours did clash. I was so impressed with the washroom that I took a picture. The walls were a warm red and several of its features were so special. There was natural organic lighting and a sink that is an elevated bowl with a waterfall tap and built in filtered drinking water. One glaring oddity was the shelves of jewlelry on sale, at the front of shop by the cash desk. i understand the need to expand and cater to the needs of the customers, but where is the tie in or cohesive theme with this choice? Having slimming treats and a sauna in a tanning salon is already a big stretch. Though from what I saw of it, the jewellery looked like unique quality pieces.

The owner, “Vera” (this is not her real name, she looks like a Vera) took her time to explain all the benefits of each treatment. How we should start with the vibrating platform first; that the shaking it causes helps your body break down fat cells and keeps them off by training itself to let go of toxins, if used often enough. By standing with your legs wide apart on the platform, at the highest possible setting it creates optimal full body shaking and therefore fat losing. Standing on your tip toes helped to decrease the mircovibrations in your head. She warned us that with all these movements that your body is not use to, the reaction will create the feeling of itchiness. This inch came to different parts that were being worked out the most. We definitely found that to be the case, so much so that my guest had to stop cause she was “too itchy”. At least there is a way to tell it was working. I found out the hard way that I had to warm my body up in preparation to the full setting. I did this by layering on the intensity of the shaking. Without doing so I got cramps in my abdomen. The kind of cramps you would get if you started running too fast without stretching first – painful! 

The best part about this machine was if you stood tip toed with your legs the right width apart, with your back arched just so, all the shaking turned into an erotic pulsing. “Vera” had warned us that some customers, including herself have been turned on by this machine; And boy that is no joke. Needless to say once I discovered this trick I had to stop initiating it; as my guest was a few feet away in the sauna room, with clear view of my toweled self shaking what my momma gave me. 

After 10minutes of non-stop shaking you would then head into the sauna for the remainder of your session. The room was large enough to seat 2 comfortably, on a glass bench. Set at 65 degrees, the room was a perfect temperature to sweat off impurities in the skin along with some pounds. Its green lights helped to active this process in your body through colour waves. If you are shy about being close to someone, while only covered by your standard bath towel you may opt to come alone. We found the sweating refreshing, though it did nothing for our hair and makeup. I planned ahead and cane without makeup and had my hair all tied up and clipped out of my face. My guest did her best to maintain her makeup and smooth over her hair, needless to say right after our session she wanted to go home to shower. All in all a great first experience at “You Tan”. I will be going back not only to use up my next session, but because my guest and I will be signing up for 12 more sessions of infrared sauna and vibrating platform. “Vera” gave us such a great deal, not only putting our $24 towards this package but giving us a price break because my guest and I will be going together and sharing the room. So yes I would come back.

Would I recommend this place? – It is still too soon to tell. I will be judging this based on the results I hopefully will see after my next 13 sessions. So far it’s a great feeling after you are done, you feel like you have been to the gym with the same endorphins, without actually working for them. Nothing wrong with a short cut beauty treatment!

86 Smite St, Vancouver BC V6B 1M7



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