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Latest Reviews

Best in Class Restaurants

I eat out often and have been known to order dishes based on how they are plated and request cocktails based on how they look. I tell it like how it is, becuase I know no other way. I hope you find it all as entertaining as I think I am in person. I also apologize if I end up hurting feelings, but everything I write of is straight from my own perspective. And perception is reality.
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Coming out of a particular cold and wet snowboarding session, David of @pickydiner and I …

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It is no secret that my favourite cuisine is Malaysian/Singaporean, as it is the closest …

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This year I have been given the honour of judging The Vancouver Foodster’s Grilled Cheese …

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Looking for a venue for our catch up session, and seeing it was the first …

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Tonight I converged at Granville Island for the Dine Out Vancouver media preview. And as …

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After a day playing in the snow and burning calories, we were craving the fatty, …

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