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Real, Raw, & Relatable Me!

I tell it like how it is, because I know no other way.  I have a zeal for life and am able to find excitement and joy in many aspects of it.

Food Critic

Since 2010, my world revolves around food and the photograohy I take of it.

Travel Influencer

I have lost myself to travelling. The more I explore in one country, the more I want to see what it is like in another.

Lifestyle Blogger

I love to discover and share what the world has to offer through new experiences.


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Best Classy Restaurants In Vancouver

Life can be so laborious, I believe we need to take the little things that brings us joy and run with it. In my case it is food.

Yours Truly
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Luxury & Supercar Weekend Sneak Peek

I get a first look with the set up and roll in. Check out the video to see what you can expect before heading down yourself!

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I am willing to try everything at least once. I write often and update daily.

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