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2022 Ford Expedition Timberline

On this week we were equipped with the 2020 Ford Expedition Timberline, a rugged SUV with a playful nature. It is an aggressive looking vehicle with a handsome front grill, made from mixed material. It is given extra panache by way of its commemorative badges: the Timberland name plaque and the decal of the mountain range logo added to the rugged branding. And this is not just on the exterior, when you open the front doors on either sides there as an etching visible only for those climbing into the front driver and passenger seats, a mini Easter egg, if you will.

The driver’s seat felt like it was built with extended driving in mind. It was hard and firm, with lumbar support that you can set to protrude, to give your spine a nice curve. Plus the seat is fairly wide and built with the comfort of a lazy boy recliner. There was plenty of room behind the wheel to fully extend on an incline and take a nap. There was less room on the second row, the back passenger seats are more shallow and less cushiony, but they do drop down to give you extended cargo space.

I enjoyed the look of the orange stitching on the full leather finish. It all felt very masculine and more manly behind the wheel. I had a sense of pride when I was seated high up on my throne. It gave me a vantage point where I could just see the top of any sedan behind me. There was plenty of visibility through the rearview mirror, with a great look at the backseats, as well as clearance at the back of the SUV. The only hiccup were some blind spots from the thick frame of the back window, here shoulder checking could only do so much.

Given the name, the Expedition naturally came with a host of drive modes that delivers. Choose your adventure and match your mode with the option of Tow/Haul, Mud/Ruts, Sand, Slippery, and Sport. We would not get to explore these features to their full extent, but you did find reassurance in knowing that they were available.

There was a lot to discover about the 2022 Ford Expedition that sets this vehicle apart, they even made how you would open the doors all their own. To do so when seated, you need a fingered grip on the handle and a full squeeze towards you. This different way spoke to many of the other placement and settings.

Instead of buttons and knobs on the dash, most of the functionalities could be found on the centre console touch screen. A more long than wide monitor that reminded me of an ipad. This is a deviation from many in other makes and models. You controlled the volume and your seat temperature via touch screen, a challenge when driving, as without the shape or push back from a button, you know not where you are aiming, unless you take your eyes off the road. ie: You had to touch the right spot and drag your finger up and/or down to adjust the temperature gauge for the heated and cooling seats. Admittedly I still prefer the responsiveness of pushing buttons and those on the heated steering wheel had a satisfying click.

The 2022 Ford Expedition is set with a slew of additional the modern technology like a wireless charging pad and a superior audio sound system, where the base resonates throughout the vehicle. I originally had difficulty locating the wipers. Eventually learning that I had to twist to the left, whereas for most vehicles you toggle up and down on the right. Similarly, the head light, high beam, and fog light options were located on the panel to the left of the wheel, hidden. There was definitely a steeper learning curve here.

Another fun and unique feature to the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline is the sketch function on your touch screen. Using your finger as a stylus you are able to draw and paint. A nice to have, but not all that necessary and useful at the front when driving, nor was it really practical for taking notes on. This may be something more suited as and add on to the back seat, as a way to keep small children occupied, sans the ability to play DVDs or watch TV.

There is also the option to add a little colour to the cabin with the ability to choose your ambient lighting. The Ford Blue seemed like a natural selection.

Despite its large and intimidating stature, the 2022 Ford Expedition was easy to handle. It surprisingly moves more like a four-door sedan than the elevated off-road SUV that it is. Zippy and easy to maneuver, there is another learning curve here, as it is prone to oversteering. Given its stature you are made painfully aware of how many low ceiling underground parkades you frequent, when you find yourself ducking down in the car when entering each.

In short, the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline is a solid SUV with many features that will have you seated on its comfortable seats, exploring for hours.


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