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2022 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

This was my first time in Ford’s luxury brand, Lincoln, so I was expecting much and for it to all be of a certain caliber. And maybe my expectations were set a little too high, as I was left longing.

To start off with, the key FOB is basic in design and no different to that of a Ford’s. I find car owners who have spent more and are proud of their rides want to show it off, and this key attachment doesn’t quite do it. The Lincoln logo is present on the back of the device, but you were missing that hefty luxury weight and an ergonomic feel to go with it.

This was foreshadowing as I found the vehicle as a whole was missing the little designer nuances, that I had learned to expect by way of other luxury vehicles in the similar sector. The truth is you never want to compare, but the reality is your brain can’t help but make connections, and one often leads to another.

Within, the Lincoln Nautilus Reserve was spacious with smooth leather and a wood grain finish. The same leather also makes an appearance on the wheel, giving the driver a supple grip. The seats felt like they were set at a higher elevation for a better vantage point. And thankfully fairly sturdy, given how much of the road I would feel during my commute.

The mid-size maneuvers fast, but feels like it is running on two wheels. The handling is fairly responsive, despite the couple of times I caught it sliding. It did not run as fluid as I figured it would, and was rough when it came time to break. This coupled with the fact that you could hear all the noise of the road as you drove did sour the day to day experience.

I do commend them on the little touches that set the Nautilus apart, like how the wireless charging mat is designed to fit the size of a regular phone precisely. And with a turn of the audio knob the screen shows a digital arc of firework sparkle as you increased the volume. But on the same token the tech on the camera was lacking. A hard to focus on and grainy screen did not do as much as it could have to aid in eliminating blind spots.

My favourite feature has to be that this and all of the other Lincoln models I have loaned thus far are equipped with massaging seats for both the front driver and passenger. You get a choice of modes with settings like lower or upper body, body rolling, circle cushion, full recovery and relax recovery. You can even choose the intensity of each. My favourite was the rolling where the bottom of your seat had knobs that helped to loosen the muscles within your buttocks and hips with a steady circular motion.

You find the massage option on the side of the chair. So for those to take the time to customize their seats, they are rewarded with this discovery. Although blindly feeling around you would simply assume it is all for lumbar customization.

We had no issues with any of the seats as a whole, the front pair are very customizable. You are able to adjust the most minute of settings, which includes how firm you want it to hug you with its wings.

As for aesthetics, the dash board appears primitive. Basic, where they could have added a little more stylish panache to have it flow better with the status of a car. I was not a fan of the heating selection buttons in particular. It was inset and laid out under the infotainment screen, and I found it had me extending beyond my reach. And they felt more like buttons you would push to choose a radio station. Although the remaining buttons and dials are of a matte finish, giving them a nicer sensation on the finger tips.

The cup holders are lit in blue and kept icy, so I assume it would do the same for drinks. Out of curiosity, I searched but couldn’t find a heating option.

In short, I set my expectations too high and this is the result of my nitpicking. In truth, I did enjoy all the other Lincoln loans to come.

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