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2022 Nissan Rogue

With all the vehicles I have access to and the ability to drive them for a week at a time, it is hard to not compare and contrast. And sadly, sometimes they just do not measure up, this is the case with the 2022 Nissan Rogue.

Although, keep in mind, these auto reviews are written in my voice, with my specific set of skills and experience. I boast no prior vehicle knowledge of any car I pick up, nor do I refer to myself as an expert, or even all that knowledgeable. These are my first blush impressions, as a woman on a regular single household income, who has a 1-hour commute to work each day and spends an extensive amount of time driving around the Lower Mainland attending a variety of functions. These are my humble thoughts and opinions and should not be taken as fact or gospel. So, enjoy them for what they are, and this blog post as an opinions piece.

Despite the name and its promise of something outside the norm, the Nissan Rogue is your average crossover SUV. A sport-utility vehicle designed for driving on maintained roads including paved cement, gravel, and/or dirt. Although the Rogue does come with several driving modes including off road, winter, Eco, and sport. Although, sadly, this week’s travels did not give us a chance to dive any more into each.

It has a spacious interior with plenty of cargo room despite its compact framework. The seats are extra firm with plenty of lower back support. With the lumbar feature set on high it felt like there was a rock protruding and digging into your back, but all in a good way.

The Rogue boasts all the modern-day features expected of a daily driver. This includes a high-tech infotainment system and driver-assistance features, heated wheel, wireless charging and outputs for USB and C-type cable.

I appreciated the traditional gear shift. A long-forgotten feel given this era’s push to start and drive buttons. The car drove reasonably well. Not zippy, but fast with horsepower. Although there were points during my daily commute, where I thought to myself that the handling felt somewhat flimsy, and a more responsive steering wheel would have been curative here. The wheel had the sensation of soft faux leather and was crisp shortcut buttons at your fingertips.

Overall a solid car, but nothing all that memorable about it to have it listed as a main competitor in the mid compact segment. Although as always, what you drive is based on your budget, needs, and where you are in life figuratively and literally.


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