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2023 Infiniti QX50 Sport

This week we were on the road with the 2023 Infiniti QX50 Sport, in this soft suede grey-blue hue. This is a sportier take one of the luxury brand’s SUVs. The sculpted lines, its swooping curves, and wide dynamic stance is what sets it apart and makes it memorable.

Within, the luxury appeal follows through to the engineering. From the driver’s seat, the cabin is equipped with all the conveniences of the modern world at your finger tips. Easy to connect to with Bluetooth and Apple Play, hosting a suite of smart technologies to make your commute a smooth and enjoyable one. Both USB and C-cable ports, plus a wireless charging mat.

There is individual climate control with heated and cooling seats and the ability to toggle through all the options as both driver and front seat passenger. Each chair a comfortable firm, slightly bucketed with a scoop and plenty of support, although little customization. Just enough to have you seated comfortably through your daily drive.

The infotainment system focuses on media and music, which makes sense seeing as that is what majority of us set up first and use start to finish, while on the road. Accented by the quiet, sound proof cab, that best exemplify the acoustics of the Bose speakers, outfitted on either door, for a surround sound feel.

An additional screen above the infotainment system allows you to have a mapped view of your travels, ideal for GPS. Outside of these dual screens and their display of buttons and touch screen functions, the dash is kept clean with matted soft leather trimmed in a white double stitch. The little detail of the swooped edges matches that of the exterior body in a parallel symmetry.

As for the way it hands, this is effortless driving. A lighter wheel and no over steering. The QX50 keeps tabs on the road, observing and analyzing your surroundings with standard safety features like Infiniti’s ProPILOT Assist™ and Lane Departure Prevention. And this all means you can count on a better driving experience, and a safer one.

In short, a great option in the higher end SUV spectrum and one to consider for a well priced and well built daily driver, design for your family’s modern needs.


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